Less than 30 days to go!

Grandma’s Marathon is June 18, less than 30 days to go. I am feeling ready and excited! I included my workouts for last 2 weeks. Just trying to get enough rest. My favorite workout was the 10×800’s at track on Tuesday. Last year I remember doing this workout and barely able to get them at 3min.

Training last 2 weeks:

week of May 8

Sun-20 miles 3 x 2mile at 6:30 pace at 8, 12 and 16 miles

Mon-6 easy recovery run strength/core training, treatment on hamstring

Tues-10 at Track 3x 2×800 in 2:55, mile in 6:20 Nailed it and felt awesome

Wed-8 easy strength and core

Th-12 miles last 3 at 6:30 pace (had to back off after 1st repeat, hamstring sore)

Fri-6 easy hamstring felt great, treatment on hamstring

Sat-8 with strides  WOW 1st week running 70 miles!!!!

Week of May 15

Sun-18 miles 4-8 and 12-16 at 6:30 pace, nailed the 1st set, struggled on 2nd set, hamstring felt great, YEAH

Mon-6 easy strength class, hamstring treatment

Tues-Track 10 miles 10×800 in under 2:52. This was an awesome workout lungs searing legs on fire but I did it!!!

Wed-6 easy, strength class, treatment on hamstring

Th-15 last 3 at 6:30 pace ran on the reservation with Flash hit the last 3 feeling great despite, sand and hills

Fri 6 easy

Sat 8 strides


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