Skirtchaser racer!

I have no idea where the time goes lately! I do know that I need to become a bit more organized as my training and racing schedule increases this year.

Training has been going well I am running between 40-45 miles per week pain-free and lots of variety in my workouts. I am doing better with my strength training but it has been nearly impossible to get to any yoga classes. It is always a balance. I am trying to recognize more opportunities to squeeze in strength/core/yoga. The other day I had to take Josh to the dr and we were waiting forever so I started doing my lunges in the pediatricians office (we were in our own room). I have been known to lunge around the park at football practice. I figure everyone already thinks I am crazy for running marathons might as well get something accomplished.

Red sticker on skirt means I am in a "couple" pink means "single"

Red sticker on skirt means I am in a “couple” pink means “single”

Last week I raced in the Skirtchaser 5k. Ladies start 1st then the men start 3 minutes later. My goal was to not get caught by a boy! Goal accomplished.

Ladies only at the start line of SkirtchaserWhen I took a look at the course I realized there would be 4 decent hills. I was not really sure of a time goal but was thinking under 19 minutes would be good. This spring I just want to incorporate a lot of races into my training to mix things up and keep them fresh. We started off pretty fast and quickly there were 5 girls in front of me. My friend Kristi was up ahead and she has been running a bit faster than me lately so figured I was in the right spot.

fast running at SkirtchaserWe made a u-turn about half way through the race and as we were heading uphill I could see the first guys coming after us. Crap I think they are going to catch me! I saw my friend Joe who is super speedy and training for a marathon so I knew now was the time to speed up. I caught up to 2 girls and flew down the final downhill. As I approached the last hill my lungs were burning but Kristi was not turn far ahead so I decided to catch her. Once I got close I decided to get comfortable with “being uncomfortable” to further help prepare for my marathon this year. I wanted Kristi to join me so shouted “come with me” with what little breath I had. She is about 15 yrs younger so I knew she would have a good kick to help push me. We flew towards the finish line and I crossed in 18:58 she was 19:01. I finished 3rd overall! Never give up or give in.

Kristi and I posing postrace with Joe one of the guys we thought might catch us.

Kristi and I posing postrace with Joe one of the guys we thought might catch us.

We had a nice cooldown discussing the race. I look forward to training with her this year and expect to see many great things from her. Joe was a good sport to take photos with us postrace. There was an awesome beer garden, fashion show live band party after the race. We stayed until awards (I got a $50 gift certificate for Sole Sports, Yeah I always need more shoes).

My son Josh was not able to come to the race since he was with some friends. They took him to the Knights of Columbus Free Throw contest at school and he won! He moved onto the district championship. He won that yesterday and so goes to state in 3 weeks.

Josh with his prize from the Knights of Columbus basketbal free throw championship at school.

Josh with his prize from the Knights of Columbus basketbal free throw championship at school.

Yesterday I had a 14 mile run with the last 8 in 655. My legs felt so heavy and a bit sore so I decided to take a dip in the pool for an icing effect. It was sunny but about 48 degrees and super windy. Katherine snapped a couple of photos of my bravery.

bitter face as I walk into the cold pool

bitter face as I walk into the cold pool

hot decaf coffee, gluten free bagel, cell phone and Thrive book

hot decaf coffee, gluten free bagel, cell phone and Thrive book

My tip for icing in pool or tub, keep busy! I enjoyed some breakfast and a book. Legs felt better later that day.


Meeting of the fast girls!

A couple of weeks back several of us local fast girls met to discuss qualifying for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. Many of us already train together and some are new but we all share the common goal. We had a great afternoon discussing our goal and how best to make it come true. We span in ages from 28-43 (me being the oldest). Experienced marathoners and fast 5kers. We decided on having as many of us run California International Marathon in Dec 2013 as an initial attempt. I am really excited about training with this group. We all bring different things that will help each other. It will be an amazing journey. Look for more to follow as we work on a name and try to gain some sponsorship for our group.

Meeting of the fast girls planning our 2016 OTQ.

Meeting of the fast girls planning our 2016 OTQ.

This past weekend I raced in the Runners Den 10k. I have only done 1 other 10k in my life. How odd is that?? In the past I raced lots of triathlons and not too many running races. My goal was simply to start around 645 pace and speed up each mile, all while experiencing no pain in my hamstring. I think I have finally reached the maturity level to reign in my competitive spirit when necessary. I trusted I would stick with my plan otherwise I would not have raced. Mile 1 was a bit fast so I slowed down a bit. This pace was feeling way too easy but I remembered the goal: happy hamstrings. I focused on my form, driving my knees and pulling my shoulders back a bit this seems to feel good when I can do it. Around mile 4 I caught up to a guy and paced with him a bit. We turned a corner into the wind and I dropped behind him ever so slightly. Well he did not like that and stepped out-of-the-way! It seemed to really annoy me and so I just took off leaving the 2oish guy in the dust. There was a turnaround at mile 5 and since I had been feeling good I decided to just pick it up and see how I felt. I caught up to the next girl and then really bolted to the finish so she could not catch me. I finished feeling strong and fast! This race was not near times I am capable of running when I am fit but it is the 1st race on my journey to qualifying for the Olympic Trials.

Miles splits:

637, 645, 635, 626,625,608 final time 40:40 avg pace 6:28

Josh and I Runner's Den Road Race.

Josh and I Runner’s Den Road Race.

I finished 4th female and 3rd Master (my 40+ friends are fast). Josh finished 3rd in his age group (fast friends also). We love having fast friends to run with to make us faster.

Josh raced the 5k before my event. He insisted on not wanting to eat or drink anything that morning “it will give me a stomach ache” (hmmm wonder where he gets that from, not me). I strongly encouraged him to have some juice at minimum. We met a few other boys from the running club he has being running with (when he can). The boys are just a year older and great training partners. He had a strong race but was very mad (at me) for making him drink something since he had a side ache. He did not run a PR for the first time so was very annoyed. I decided to warmup knowing he would cool off shortly. He still ran 20:11.

my  speedy son.

my speedy son.

Another note about the family, Katherine has been working really hard to get her kip. It is a mount on the bars. She has lots of rips on her hands (when the callous rips the skin off in case you were not a gymnast in your former life). She finally made it last week so I took her out to celebrate after practice.

Katherine celebrating getting her kip with Gold Medal ice cream.

Katherine celebrating getting her kip with Gold Medal ice cream.

My goal in Jan was to incorporate a lot of strength training and Bikram Yoga 1-2x per week. I think I was about 65% of my goal. Busy schedules, sick kids, life gets in the way. I am going to keep working toward 100% commitment for my strength training and yoga goals. I know it is what keeps me strong  and healthy for my running.

Do you have any running goals? Life goals? Nutrition goals, etc?? I would love to hear about them and your progress!!

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