Phoenix 10k

I am enjoying a fall season with cooler weather and lots of races on my list. When I was planning the fall I talked to my coach about putting several races in my schedule to use as training. It breaks up that hard effort of an interval workout by myself and I get to have some fun too!! I have not raced many 10ks so had to actually look up my PR (38:52) at this same race in 2011. I did not think I was ready to run that pace but maybe if I got lucky and things were feeling good.

My husband Kevin accompanied me to the race while we let the kids sleep in for some much-needed rest (ah the joys of having them old enough to stay home). I recall this race 2yrs ago; Kevin ran 5k and we were hoping he would finish in time to watch the kids so I could start the 10k. Luckily it all worked out that year! I told Kevin not to expect too much but appreciated him coming along. He was a great at cheering and holding me and Tere’s extra shirts, keys, etc.

It was a beautiful morning and multiple races were happening, half marathon, 5k and 10k. We arrived just in time to see several of our friends finish the half marathon. Priscilla Schultz came in 2nd in 1:19 6 minutes flat, I often pass her on the canal and we have run together some. She is just to darn fast for me!! Several of the guys ran the half finishing between 1:15-1:17.  They all seemed to think they could have gone a bit faster. Hmm, us runners are always very critical of our races!

On Wednesday I had done a strength workout with lots of side lunges (all the way to the ground) and lateral work on the shifter. My adductors were sore that night and proceeded to be very sore on Thursday and Friday. Friday I knew I could not run without lots of soreness so jumped on the elliptical machine. Sat I did an easy 4 mile run and was feeling better but still sore. I don’t think I have ever had such muscle soreness post workout. I knew this might make the race Sunday interesting!

Tere and I lined up and also Tanaya had made the trip down for the race too. I was wishing I could stay with these gals but I am just not at 6:05 pace right now. I started out at 6:25 pace and was hoping to settle in under 6:20. Near the end of mile 2 my right glute starting really hurting. The kind of pain like someone was driving a nail into my right glute. I have not felt anything like this in 2yrs. I tried to focus on my form but it was just burning. I contemplated stopping  but that is not my style. I did not want to cause any further issues either. I just backed off the pace and it seemed to help. After mile 4 I was just ready to be done with this whole thing and tried to pick up pace a bit which led to a tightness in my left hamstring. Yikes hamstring pains always freak me out. I backed off on the pace and just focused on finishing.  Here are my splits:







overall time 41:56

The last couple miles really sucked!! In 2011 I was going after a last desperate chance to qualify for the Olympic Trials at CIM by running sub 2:46. I had raced at Phx 10k to see where I was at knowing I would show up at that marathon regardless. At Phx 10k I ran the whole race with extreme pain in that glute and Sunday felt like a trip down memory lane!

Post race I thought about the last couple weeks

I was really bummed about what happened since I was hoping to get a bit of a fitness indicator from the race. I had some panic set in about the pains hoping it was not going to develop into anything.

Photo: Had a fun race and got lucky enough to end up winning it as well. Best part? Seeing a lot of my friends there and being completely pain free after two months. I'm on my way back!!!

My friend Tere and I post race. Tere won the 10k!! So proud of her and glad we get to train together.

Photo: Raw vegan chocolate cheesecake with fresh berries. Recipe turned out awesome.

Just a photo of an awesome tasty dessert I made this week. Raw vegan chocolate cheesecake. I included the link to the recipe.


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