Back in the saddle again, literally!

Today was my first day back on the bike, woo hoo!!! ┬áRewind a few weeks back reading a Facebook post from my friend Ken Lewis about triathlon world championship race which some of his athletes were racing. I fired off a quick comment which came with a reply “Do you know Duathlon Nationals is in Tucson this year?” That got my gears turning and thinking about cross training.

For inspiration today I wore one of my Team USA jerseys. Here I am transitioning from bike to run. I was really nervous to bike with my glasses since my peripheral vision is awful but I did just fine. It actually rained a bit this am which is funny because it poured buckets of rain at Worlds and I was scared to death having never ridden my bike in the rain. After 20 miles on the bike my expectations were low for my 4 mile run. The run was awesome I have not felt that great in months!! It was a bit cooler but still my legs and lungs felt fresh and loose. Avg pace 7:30, I was expecting something much slower.

This year of running has been about starts and stops, frustration and hard work. I have had to work hard to keep the dream alive of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2016. It seems every time my training is going well something happens to derail me. I have lost track how many times I have started over this year! When the duathlon seed was planted it got me thinking, hmm what if I was to cross train on the bike a bit and still run 30-40 miles a week?? Then slowly switch the mix up as I got closer to my goal marathon race. Would that help or hinder the long-term goal? I pondered it for a few weeks before discussing it openly with friends, training partners and my coach.

I had to give Ken a quick call and get some feedback from him. Way back in 2008 on a drive to Kingman, AZ to a triathlon Ken challenged me to find what I would be best at and try to qualify for Worlds in triathlon or duathlon. A few months later I was at the starting line of my first duathlon betting Ken lunch that I would beat him in the race. Well I did beat him and also grabbed a sport at the World Championship race later that year. It was really fun to race on Team USA. I knew I would want to do it again someday. Post race I hung up my bike and started on my quest to qualify for the Trials, never looking back.

Duathlon World Championship

Duathlon World Championship

Duathlon World Championship

Duathlon World Championship

My plan right now is to cross train through Sept and see how it works for my body. At the end of the month I will make my decision if I will race the Duathlon National Championships. One step at a time, I would love to race PF Changs marathon in January but not sure if I can be ready to run 2:42 by then.  I am hoping the biking will be like a breath of fresh air breathed into my training.


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