Going to Houston, gonna get some inspiration for 2016!

It has been a relaxing and enjoyable several weeks since CIM. I have gotten to really enjoy some quality time with my family over the holidays and the school break. Trying to put last year in to perspective, it was such an amazing year of running and PR’s even though I did not reach my ultimate goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials. Some days the 117 seconds hang over me like a dark cloud but mainly I try to be proud of my accomplishments last year and look forward!

I have been checking in with Dr Ball periodically to assess my various injuries. I am happy to report that most things have settled down. Two areas remain painful; right adductor and lower right abdominal muscles. This is the area where the sports hernia was diagnosed in my MRI back in Sept. He wants me to take a full 8 weeks off from running and then we will evaluate my body and determine the next step. I am hoping it heals up and the next step is a gradual return to running. He reminded me that I am setting the foundation for 2016 right now and I agree I want to heal fully before returning to running. Nothing would be more frustrating than start training again and have this injury pop back up!

So it is back to my old saying “focus on what you can do not what you can’t do”. I am able to spin/bike and elliptical. I have done some hiking and maybe need to not scale Camelback mountain again, maybe something a little less steep! I have the goal of 3-4 workouts a  week 60-90 minutes to maintain my cardio fitness. I hope I can try some Bikram Yoga again soon too!

An interesting thing that has happened since the marathon on Dec 4 is that I have dropped another 5lbs below my normal racing weight. (I think the last time my weight was this low was the week of my wedding!) This occurred when I was not exercising and pretty much eating whatever sounded good and in any quantity. I have no desire to eat any eggs or rice protein so I can imagine my protein intake is way too low. After really adhering to a  strict regimen of what I thought I needed to eat during training I just needed a break. I think the weight loss is from inflammation now that I am not running and also possibly the eggs ( I was eating a lot during my training). Anyway much better than gaining weight and my race week jeans fit great! Not sure why I feel compelled to buy more jeans because they probably wont fit soon!

Tomorrow I am heading to Houston to spectate the Marathon Olympic Trials. I am excited to watch this very stacked women’s field and see many women I met this year complete their goal. I am super excited for Arianna, Susan, and Jaymee. I feel for Susan and Jaymee as they have battled injuries the last couple months. I know my story is making them thankful to just be there even thought it is not the race they dreamed about. Good luck girls!

There is a huge part of me that is sad and heart-broken. This week I was really contemplating not going but in the end I would regret it. I really want to watch Susan race her 3rd Olympic Trials and she has promised me she will come watch me in 2016 where ever it will be.  I will look at it as inspiration for 2016. In all honesty I am not sure how my body would have even ran another marathon!

The trial is being broadcast on NBC Saturday so tune in to watch our USA team be determined. The top 3 men and women make the team. I will follow-up with a post next week.

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