Building Confidence on Beeline! 14 miles at 6:30 pace

This morning was the big one! When I 1st saw this workout on my schedule weeks ago I was afraid, 18 miles last 14 avg 6:30 pace. How could my body do this if I could not wrap my mind around it. I thought just believe it can happen and it will. Coach John had a plan: start in Fountain Hills and then hit the beeline hwy very few stop lights and net downhill. This would hopefully give us a little edge since we would be running in the heat and help us nail the pace building our confidence. I was super thankful when my trusty training partner Susan Loken said she would do a big part of it with me (all but last 2 miles). Arianna was going to warmup with us but she had her own plan even faster than us, goal 6:10 pace. Not sure if the girls knew my nickname for this area from my Ironman days, head out to the Beeline for your Beatin! Tried to erase that thought from my head.

With our plan in place we decided to start early which meant getting up at 3:45am so I could meetup with everyone and have Arianna’s husband Matt drive us to Fountain Hills. We started the morning with locked bathrooms in the park, well the bushes will just have to do! The first 4 miles we warmed up around Ftn Hills on some Hills! Just before Shea we started picking up the pace.

The beginning was downhill which was helping to push the pace. Before long there was Matt’s smiling face with drinks, I chose to carry my bottle and switch out about half way through. Mile 7 took my 1st green apple caffeine gel. The only time I get any caffeine hard training days/races.

Before long we made our turn onto the Beeline and the pace was going good. Susan was at my side and I knew it was going to be ok! Felt great all along. A few little inclines but for the most part a slight downhill and tiny bit of wind. My mantra for today was “fluid, smooth, strong” and “focus”. It is so easy to lose a tiny bit of focus and start slowing down. At Grandma’s Marathon I will be fighting for every second for 26.2 miles.

Susan finished up and I had the last 2 miles on my own. I decided to listen to my ipod to help keep me going. I passed George who was out there with us today doing 16miles. I felt strong and confident as I ran to my finish line; Matt. Susan the Cube car.

Yippee I did it faster than I needed!!!!!!!!!!! Average pace 6:25! Here are the splits:














14-625 (listening to Lady GaGa “Born this Way” FAST

Huge thanks to Susan, Matt, Arianna(avg pace 6:04), George, and John.

Did I mention Coach John pushed his 5yr old in the stroller at a 6:04 pace!

20 more days til the race.


Nailing it at South Mountain

I have to admit I was a little nervous for this mornings run, 22 miles at South Mountain (up and down hills) goal 7 min pace. I knew the weather would be hot and the run would be challenging. Lately when I have doubts I remember to just believe and let it happen. Training since Austin Marathon in Feb has gone better than I could expect, each workout just confirms the fact that I am getting ready to run a  sub 2:46 marathon! Any doubts are replaced with a workout gone well and a huge confidence booster!

I remember a 16 mile run here this past winter. I stood at the bottom alone and looked up at the mountain thinking no way this is happening today, my asthma was flared up I felt sick as a dog and it was 30 degrees. A little voice inside said “what if you tried?’ Well I did it successfully hitting the 16 mile run at the pace I wanted all by myself. That felt awesome! Just believe and let it happen.

Started today’s run with the amazing Ariana Hillborn, she got her qualifying time in Jan. We picked up veteran Susan Loken, 3x qualifier and Tere Zacher new running stud at mile 4 and headed up the mountain. Conversation was light and  I was basking in the great morning. Beautiful mountains, 3 awesome women to run with at my pace! You can not buy this at the local sports store and you would be hard pressed to find these kind of training partners anywhere in the country. Thank you ladies!!

We hit the turn around at end of San Juan Rd and was feeling good but boy was I hot. Needed to ration my powerade til my stash about 8 miles away. Took a gel at mile 7 and 13. Half way back on San Juan Rd I felt my pace slipping or the them getting faster. I told myself I just had to make a surge and stay with them, practicing for the race. It worked! With these strong ladies at my side I could do anything!

Flew down the mountain grabbed my powerade and noticed the heat setting in on the asphalt. Still about 8 more miles to go, I was thinking Yes I Can! We hit the cars at the bottom for some more fluids and headed out for the final 5. I realized that the last 2 were going to be uphill at the end of 22, ugh! Good training! Around mile 19 I mentioned that it was amazing we had run 19 miles and no one had complained (out loud). The power of positive thinking. Finished strong circling the parking lot with Susan. Avg pace 7 minutes, mission accomplished!

Did I mention I love my training partners!! I could not have done this without them today.

OC Half Marathon Race

Race started at 6am in Newport Beach sunny skies about 60 degrees, no wind on the course. First mile my legs felt a little slow (maybe a few more strides next race), breathing was fast. I was worried about going out too fast and wanted to control my pace. 1st split was 6:29, yikes too slow. Everything came together running down hill on mile 2 split 6:07. I had driven and ran almost the entire course which was good since there was a hill around mile 10.5 that I was not planning on. Course felt more up and down hills than I would have thought. I feel like I put out consistent effort with an increase in speed around mile 9 and then again after the last hill about mile 10.5.  After last hill I could see a girl up ahead about 1/4 mile and deicded to catchup and pass her. Ran alone for most of race except through the neighborhoods around mile 8-9.5, not too many spectators on the course. Legs felt great. No soreness during or after the race (ususually my right hamstring gets a little cranky going that fast for that long but it held up beautifully). Course was beautiful. Enjoyed testing out that pace, in retrospect maybe I could have gone a little faster. I wanted to have a positive experience and a PR and I definately got that.

Was so happy to have my supportive husband and awesome kids at the race. A few fellow Bandidos were there too.

Here are my splits for the OC Half Marathon

overall time 1:23:41

Less than 30 days to go!

Grandma’s Marathon is June 18, less than 30 days to go. I am feeling ready and excited! I included my workouts for last 2 weeks. Just trying to get enough rest. My favorite workout was the 10×800’s at track on Tuesday. Last year I remember doing this workout and barely able to get them at 3min.

Training last 2 weeks:

week of May 8

Sun-20 miles 3 x 2mile at 6:30 pace at 8, 12 and 16 miles

Mon-6 easy recovery run strength/core training, treatment on hamstring

Tues-10 at Track 3x 2×800 in 2:55, mile in 6:20 Nailed it and felt awesome

Wed-8 easy strength and core

Th-12 miles last 3 at 6:30 pace (had to back off after 1st repeat, hamstring sore)

Fri-6 easy hamstring felt great, treatment on hamstring

Sat-8 with strides  WOW 1st week running 70 miles!!!!

Week of May 15

Sun-18 miles 4-8 and 12-16 at 6:30 pace, nailed the 1st set, struggled on 2nd set, hamstring felt great, YEAH

Mon-6 easy strength class, hamstring treatment

Tues-Track 10 miles 10×800 in under 2:52. This was an awesome workout lungs searing legs on fire but I did it!!!

Wed-6 easy, strength class, treatment on hamstring

Th-15 last 3 at 6:30 pace ran on the reservation with Flash hit the last 3 feeling great despite, sand and hills

Fri 6 easy

Sat 8 strides

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