Good stories from Boston

I am still in  a bit of shock about the events that happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon. I am thankful my friends were all ok but I know others were not.

I was hoping the media would switch at some point and talk about the normal Boston Marathon Race reporting. We can’t ignore what happened but would love to see emphasis on the happier side of things. Whoever carried out this plan should be punished but not given the attention.

I am so proud of the Bandidos Masters Mens team that won yesterday. I feel honored to train with (or behind) these guys. Pictured is Brett Bernachi, JT (Jeff Turner) and Ricardo Maldondo taken before the blast. Also Jeff Matsumoto was on the team they all ran between 237-238. Smoking fast!

Photo: Holy crap - Bandidos win the Master's men race at Boston marathon!

Yesterday made me think back to the only time I have run the Boston Marathon in 2006. I have included copies of some emails I sent out after the race. A quick setup to the story: At my 1st marathon I ran 3:31,waiting for a friend to finish people kept telling me “You qualified for Boston”. I just smiled not having any clue what they were talking about. Later I would learn it is an honor to qualify. I ran that 1st marathon to raise $$ for my friend Susan whom had undergone a double lung transplant. She passed away a short time after the race so I ran Boston in her memory.

I ran with a wristband dedicating each mile to her and her family members as well as my friend Jared Woods.  I did this for many marathons. I would then pray for that person throughout the mile, somehow it made the race easier and gave it a purpose.

Emails sent post Boston 2006

Sent to friends

I wanted to email all of you to let you know how the Boston Marathon went.
It certainly was a journey getting there I had injured my hamstring muscle back
in Feb so I modified my training and did what I could to prepare. My whole
reason to run was to honor the memory of my friend Susan who passed away last July. (I qualified to go to Boston when I did a fundraising marathon for her last June in San Diego Running in the 110th anniversary of the Boston Marathon to honor Susan is something I will never forget. I knew the course was hilly but the course map did not do it justice. The first 6 miles were downhill and by mile 8 my leg was hurting. Well 18.2 miles is a long way to hold your head up high and  keep running. There were
people lining the course the entire way. I tried to gain strength from all the
100’s of children I high fived along the way. Around mile 16 I was having
trouble lifting the injured leg off the ground, no problem only 10 more miles
to go several of it up hill. It was the memory of my friend Susan and all the
challenges she had to overcome that got me through the last miles.I finished
with my arms in the air, a smile on my face in 4 hours 11minutes with Kevin and  Katherine at the finish line.

Sent to Susan’s parents

I wanted to share my adventures of the 110th Boston Marathon. The day before the race at the expo I made a short video clip, you can view it at search by my bib#11226. (FYI No longer there)
The athletes were bused to Hopinkgton (26.2 miles from Boston) about 9am and the race did not start until 12:30 for me. I was aware of this and had decided to bring along the many cards Susan had written me. I found a cozy spot it in the athletes village to stretch, meditate, motivate and read. It was quite an emotional morning. I had not looked at those cards since last summer. It still amazes me what a strong person Susan was. In June she was still volunteering to babysit, run errands, etc. to help me in return.
I am not sure if I had told you that I pulled my hamstring muscle back in Feb while training. I took several weeks off, received quite a bit of physical therapy and modified my training plans. Boston is a notoriously difficult course, hilly the whole way. I had to train on flat ground due to my injury. My goal was to get to the start line pain free and just do the best I could.
The fans lined the course the whole 26.2 miles, I high fived as many kids as I could and soaked up their energy. It was a beautiful day cool and breezy. By mile 8 my leg was beginning to hurt and I had only gone downhill at this point. I just held my head high and remembered why I was here. Mile 16 was when I was barely able to lift my left leg off the ground, well only 10 more miles to go keep running. I think I told you near the end of the race there is a 3 mile uphill well it is actually 4 long rolling hills. I thought and prayed for you guys quite a bit at that time. I called Kevin at mile 23 for some inspiration and a “go mommy” but got the voicemail. Some battles must be accompolished alone. I walked for a bit at mile 24 hoping that I could then pick up the pace it helped a little and I ran the rest of the way into downtown Boston holding back the tears as I crossed the finish line.
I am forever thankful that Susan touched my life and became my friend. It was bittersweet to run in Boston. I feel very honored that she gave me this opportunity. I feel fortunate that I get to choose my own physical pain instead of having it provided to me. Susan taught me so much. I am so glad that I got to know both of you before Susan passed away.
God Bless,
Kerry Camberg (Boston Marathon Finisher in 4 hours 11 minutes)
PS pain is gone and legs are fine now
Picture from Boston Marathon weekend at Harvard University. Katherine is 5 yrs old!
Kevin and Katherine on duck tour while I am racing. I told him to take her to see the city and meet me at the finish line.
Boston was my slowest marathon to date but most meaningful.
I will continue to pray for all those affected yesterday. I cant wait to hear the story about all the “helpers and heros” of yesterday.

Putting in the miles!

Dads and cousins on the steps at ASU

Dads and cousins on the steps at ASU

I knew this week would be a busy one! Family in town, Easter, kids on spring break, gymnastics practices, Little League games and practice, track meet and that is just a few of the highlights. My goal was to get my miles in and my strength/core training. I was doing pretty good until about Wed when Katherine got a bad cold which I also caught.

Josh had another track meet. It was really fun to watch him race! My friend Flash’s daughter Kiara is on a team so got to see her run too. Josh took 20 sec off his 300o meter (don’t we all do that?) running 12:04 and that included a stop before the last lap. He was sprinting trying not to let an older kid pass and I thought “I think he thinks he is done” Yep stopped and then we were screaming “go Josh 1 more lap”. He looked around a bit confused then sprinted out 1 more lap. He had a slight improvement in the 800m running 2:53.

Josh and Kiara

Josh and Kiara

Fast kids, Fast parents

Fast kids, Fast parents

It was a tough and busy week. I tried my best to hold it all together, I was able to make all my runs I think I can formally thank Susan Loken since we finally got to run together. We completed 4 runs, speedwork, mountain hill runs, tempo runs. It was just like old times. She helped me make it through and have some great workouts. What would we do without training partners!!!!!

relaxing and icing on the patio after our 12 miler with pups on Easter.

relaxing and icing on the patio after our 12 miler with pups on Easter.

I was able to make it to Bikram Yoga and was doing great until it came to “fixed fern pose” you kneel and sit heels on your butt. OUCH my achilles was not happy. Finally got it checked out this week. Just a little inflammation in front of the achilles, a little manipulation on my foot and it feels much better already. It has been fine when I am running though. After our 12 mile run I was working multiple ice packs; Achilles and my arm (story for another day).

We had a great Easter brunch with the family: salmon, egg veggie casserole, mixed green salads with golden beets, lentils with red pepper and balsamic vinegar and my new favorite red potatoes with kale basil pesto.

camberg visit track meet2 023 Red potatoes with homemade kale basil pesto, so yummy and great carbs!

I have successfully been increasing my miles and was at 54 last week. Running consistently for 6 days per week for awhile now. I need to improve my yoga practice and continue to incorporate strength training focusing on my glutes, hamstrings and core. Looking forward to upcoming races.

camberg visit track meet2 022Loving my new Oiselle High 10 Shimmel top. When this arrived in the mail I knew it would be a running favorite before I even wore it. Great fit and fabric. Comes in multiple colors, I think I have to order another one soon! Not sure if I will go for basic black or turquoise.

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