New school year& sibling adventures

Last Monday started a new school year for our household. Both kids will be at Tempe Prep Academy. Josh 6th grade and Katherine 8th grade. It feels like yesterday she had on her hot pink Mary Janes and cute little braids skipping into kindergarten. Were does the time go?? Just reminds me to cherish the moments.

1st day school Josh and Katherine

1st day school Josh and Katherine

My carpool boys. Josh is thrilled to be at school with his best buds this year.

My carpool boys. Josh is thrilled to be at school with his best buds this year.

The had a great 1st day, I took a car load of them to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. I let the girls sit at one table and the boys at another. I sat by myself so I would not crimp their style. Sure was a loud car ride home!

Homework on the 1st day!

Homework on the 1st day!

Tempe Prep is a great 6-12 school, one thing it is known for is lots of homework. Katherine averages 3 hrs and Josh 2hrs. Proud of Katherine for balancing it with her 4 hour gymnastics practices! Will definitely be a busy year for her.

The weekend before school started I went to San Diego to visit my brother Louie. He got a new job and I am so proud of him. His family was traveling in France so he was going to be alone for about a month. I decided to head to the beach for a visit and a sibling adventure. He is living in La Jolla right now. He is staying short-term at an Extended Stay Hotel (hotel of a previous not so fun vacation adventure).  There were no roll a way beds available and he had a full size bed. The hotel was booked! He generously slept in the reclining chair the 1st night. I suggested we head to Target for an air mattress for the rest of the weekend.

Forgot to take pictures but came back with a nice pool raft instead!! I figured $10 and we could even take it to the beach. It was actually really comfortable. I deflated it and brought it home for my kids to float on in the pool.

bike riding on Coronado Island

bike riding on Coronado Island

We had a great time Saturday riding bikes all around Coronado Island. I loved my new Oiselle origami shirt, it was perfect for the bike ride comfortable and stylish! We hung out at the beach for a while and had a great Mexican lunch. Dinner was in Del Mar. I got some great beach runs in too!

It was really nice to have some time with just me and my brother. I can’t recall the last time we did. We will be traveling to visit them over Labor Day weekend, hmm wonder if I should bring the pool float/emergency bed??




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