Keep Believing!!!!

Last couple of weeks have been tough. I have been running with the hope that my foot would heal and I can make it to Twin Cities Marathon Oct 2. My foot has been not getting worse so I am very thankful for that unfortunately my hip started having problems on my long runs a couple weeks ago. Last week I was feeling overwhelmed with training, lack of sleep and trying to keep injuries at bay. I have 2 out of state races planned, AFC half marathon in San Diego and Hood to Coast in Oregon. I have been really looking forward to these events!

Yesterday I had a long run of 20 miles scheduled. I crashed and burned hard both physically and mentally. I think it is important to share the victories and the hard days. About mile 5 my hip started to hurt by mile 7 it was excruciating so I turned back knowing I could not make it 20 miles. Around mile 10 a song came on my ipod with the line “how much strength does it take?” well that just threw me over the edge mentally so I stopped for a good cry more from the emotional pain than the physical pain. As I ran by the Biltmore resort I was wishing I had a credit card so I could just checkin! Somehow I made it a total of 14 miles back to my car.

Monday morning came and I put on my brave face to go see Dr Ball and find out the prognosis. He told me it was not a full on crisis yet but I need to pull out of AFC next weekend and Hood to Coast so I can rest and recover a bit. At this point I am still hoping to pull it together for Twin Cities in 44 days! If not there will be a plan B.

I knew trying to stack 3 marathons in less than 7 months was risky but with a short time line to qualify for the Olympic Trials I did not have too much choice. For now I believe I will get better and will do everything in my power to get healed.

Many of my friends are headed to San Diego to race and I know they are all going to do awesome, I will really miss being there with them and racing. This Sunday will be the big test, can I run 18miles without issues with my foot or hip. I believe I can and then continue to train for Twin Cities!!!!!!!!!! (keep your fingers crossed)


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