Green Juice!

I have been making and drinking my “green juice” for over a year now and I truly love this stuff! It really gives me a ton of vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and veggies. Lately I have been taking my iron supplement with the juice since it has so much Vitamin C which helps the body absorb the iron!

I have the Omega 8003 juice extractor (bought off Amazon for  $179.00). 8003 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

I prefer to juice daily but don’t seem to have the time. I started making a bigger batch and drinking it over 2 days, that way I could still drink it daily.

Here is a picture of what I put in the juicer (minus 2 lemons):

lots of veggies and fruits

lots of veggies and fruits

Here is a list of what I put in the juicer I use all organic when possible:

1 cucumber

3 cups spinach

3 cups kale (or 6 giant leaves)

4 granny smith apples

2 large lemons (or 3 small)

big chunk of fresh ginger

6 carrots

6 stalks celery

lots of ice

green juice!

green juice!

Here is the finished product. Two tips would be lots of ice to keep it cold and lots of lemon (kills the greeny taste).

I have experimented with other juices but this is my favorite go to juice.

I did a 3 day juice cleanse last March see the full details here:




Returning home.

My siblings and I all planned a trip to visit Moline, Il with our families over Memorial Day weekend. I have lived in AZ since I was 13 but Moline is where I grew-up through 7th grade. I was excited to see family and also squeeze in a quick visit to Chicago. I had not been to Moline in 10 years! Back then I was deep into motherhood with a 1& 3 yr old, had not started triathlon or running yet.

Christy and I on the banks of Lake Michigan

Christy and I on the banks of Lake Michigan

Katherine and I keeping the chill off in Chicago.

Katherine and I keeping the chill off in Chicago.

We had a quick overnight in Chicago and saw some sites. I racked my brain to figure out who might be able to meet me for a run in Chicago, Christy Peterson. We have met online but not in person. She kindly met me and we had a great 8 mile run along the shoreline in Chicago. In retrospect I should have added on and made this my 14 miler. Once my brother arrived with my niece from Washington we all piled in the rental van to drive 3hrs to Moline.

Josh has the lion by the tail outside art museum in Chicago

Josh has the lion by the tail outside art museum in Chicago

The 1st morning in Moline I woke early to attempt the 14miler. I was hoping to not get lost and explore my old stomping grounds. I ran past my old gymnastics club, house, elementary school and jr high. Guessing I had already covered at least half my run I was surprised to see 3 miles on the Garmin. Really that’s it! Everything was so close. Near the old jr high the Midwest charm came out on display. A car pulled up next to me and some ladies rolled down the window offering me a bottle of water! They were afraid I would get dehydrated with all the running I seemed to be doing. Yeah it was maybe 70 degrees nothing like the heat pit of AZ I run in all the time. I have never been offered water in AZ! About half way through the run a torrential downpour started just as Kevin called my cell ph. I ducked for cover and took the call. I agreed he could come pick me up, miles ran 8.

All the ladies with some "Kerofsky blood" in them.

All the ladies with some “Kerofsky blood” in them.

Day 2 in Moline drove down to the Mississippi River to run but it was all flooded from the continuing rain plus it was pouring. Decided to run on treadmill in the hotel. Kevin was already on a treadmill and Katherine joined us on the elliptical. It was so humid and claustrophobic in there I lasted 1 mile then ran outside in the rain. Sure would be tough to train here!

Aunt Patty (far left) bowling champion.

Aunt Patty (far left) bowling champion.

We spent one afternoon indoors at a laser tag and bowling place. My Aunt Patty was a stunning bowling champ. She would drop the ball on the far left and as it slowly rolled she would wave her hand to “guide” it into a strike. Fun times! It was so great hanging out with cousins and aunts it has been way too long.

My brother and I in front of our old elementary school Thomas Jefferson.

My brother and I in front of our old elementary school Thomas Jefferson.

You may notice I am wearing the same jeans in every photo, it rained every day of the trip and was cold, I packed for warmer weather!

Day 3 more pouring rain, screw the rain and the treadmill I need to do my physical therapy exercises anyway!

Each night I took my kids to Whitey’s ice cream a childhood favorite. I don’t really eat sugar since it causes such reactions to me (really someone allergic to sugar). I just had to have a milkshake with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups the 1st night, might as well go big! The next night the kids were begging to go back, hmm guess I will try the coffee ice cream. Wondering where my discipline is?? The final night in a pouring rain storm kids were begging yet again, so what the heck when am I going to be back here? Yes I felt totally sick by the end of the trip, way too much food!!! I think I packed on a few pounds on this trip.

John Deere tractors!!

John Deere tractors!!

Channel Cat water taxi on the Mississippi River.

Channel Cat water taxi on the Mississippi River.

We had a wonderful time, too bad the weather did not cooperate! I will miss all my relatives but it was great to visit with them. It was definitely time to come home eat healthier and stick with my training plan.


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