1st week of school

My 1st week of school had a range of emotions: nervous, excited, overwhelmed and joy. The last time I was in a college classroom was 1999 working on my Masters Degree at University of Phoenix surrounded by other working professionals during night classes. Now daytime classes surrounded by mainly 18-20 year old students. I always look at new experiences as a place to learn and I know my classmates will teach me some lessons (how to be more laid back, what constitutes fashion, etc.)

I had the option to take whatever I wanted. I just needed to fulfill the 12 credit requirement. My kids and I had fun pouring over the class offerings. Josh liked the Japanese Swordmanship and Katherine wanted to take the Fashion Design courses. I had trouble deciding what to take there were so many great choices, especially in the Exercise Science Department. I took the high road following my interest not going for the easy classes. Here is my class schedule:

MWF 11-1150 Preventing and Treating Athletic Injuries (YEAH)

T/Th 9-1015 Cardio Fitness Physiology and Training Techniques (we get to go outside and do lab stuff)

T/TH 12-115 Intro to Exercise Physiology

Online-Sports Nutrition (starts Sept 4)

I really enjoyed sitting in class last week reviewing the syllabi to see what I would be learning this semester. I got a bit worried about the mention of a 5-7 page research paper. It has been a long time since I have done research (can we say micro fiche), written a paper and a bibliography. Katherine told me she would help make sure my bibliography was correct. I look forward to doing the 2 research article projects. The problem is I have about 50 topics I would love to research. I hope to narrow it down and get approval this week.

I would like to share one classroom experience from last week. In my Athletic Injury Prevention class we have many athletes; cross-country, soccer, football and basketball players. I got to work on an in class project with several football players. At one point I was thinking I can’t believe I am sitting in class next to a guy with a knit cap, gold teeth, and pants belted just above his knee. There should be some rule that I don’t have to see ALL of someones underwear in class. How do you walk when your pants are belted around your knees???

Practice was great this week. We had a time trial on Saturday at MCC and ran our home course. A few MCC alum showed up to run with us and one special lady Sam Meyerhoff helped keep me paced the 1st half of the race. My friend Flash had helped me select some racing shoes for this fall Brooks Mach 14 spikeless. I loved putting these babies to the test. I passed a few of the guys and was hunting down Dallas near the end but just could not quite pass him. I am glad we ran with the guys because I feel I do better when I am chasing after someone. It ended up being just a bit short 3.01 (my Garmin). My time was 19:18 pace 6:23 which would adjust out to about 19:48. I was hoping to be under 1930. My pacing was 615,625,630 ouch can I say dying off!!

MCC girls after time trial

Me and Sam Meyerhoff, thanks for pacing me the 1st half!

Our fall schedule can be found here http://athletics.mesacc.edu/cross-country/schedule. The first meet is Sept 8 Artichoke Invitational hosted by Scottsdale Community College.

Saturday was  a marathon day for our family. I woke at 415am  for my time trial. I rushed home after the time trial grabbed some food, water and fresh clothes (no shower yet) and drove to Josh’s scrimmage football games in east Chandler. Me and several moms worked hard with misting, wet towels and water bottles to keep the boys hydrated. It was insanely hot and humid and they had full football gear on. Josh was having a blast. I felt like I was working an Ironman aid station for 2 hours. With the game almost wrapped up and boys hydrated I rushed home again. I had a super fast lunch and shower. Next up Katherine’s gymnastics meet. While the girls warmed up we parents had a meeting about the competition season. Kevin and I had so much fun watching the kids do their sports. I always want to run out their and do flips and bar routines. The gymnastics meet was almost 4 hours (no awards ceremony which will add 1 more hour). Luckily I brought a cooler with food and drinks to keep my appetite at bay. Arrived home about 430pm and proceeded to battle a computer issue for an hour (really???).  We planned on heading to the school BBQ dropping off Katherine to meetup with her friends and heading to dinner for a quick date (Josh was at a bday party then arriving at the BBQ). Once I saw all the families at the BBQ I felt guilty about leaving. Since I have multiple food allergies and had not planned we grabbed a quick bite of Mexican and came back to the BBQ. We arrived home about 8pm completely exhausted but full of adrenaline. I am not sure how I can keep up this pace but will have fun trying.

Josh getting a big drink to cool off.

Josh ready to play

Love Camberg #7

Warming up for beam, love the slicked back hair.

Post meet posing with her friend Megan

After reviewing my training and knowing how I train best (someone chasing me down or someone to chase) I decided to do my speed workouts with the boys this week. I am feeling the need to dial in my training a bit more and get a little extra edge before our next race. I will report on the changes next week.

Oiselle Stride Short winner is??

Thanks for all the entries into my Oiselle Stride Short Giveaway! I hope you enjoyed learning about a great new product.

Tuesday my day started at 4:30am and I did not stop moving until after 10pm. My son Josh did the drawing with me at about 945pm after his 1st day of school and a couple hours of football practice (he looks a bit tired in the pictures).

Oiselle bag is full of names. His shirt logo “Losing is not an option”


Picking the winner!

Winner is Caroline Ho. Yippee!!

Sorry the winning picture is blurry did not realize that last night.

So congrats to Caroline Ho!! Email me your size and color at kcamberg@hotmail.com

Have a happy running day!!!


Flagstaff running camp

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Flagstaff with my teammates from Mesa Community College (MCC). We stayed at a beautiful ranch about 30 miles outside of Flagstaff and 10 miles on a dirt road, very remote. I must admit I has a bit apprehensive about spending several days at a cabin with mainly 17-19 year olds. I was hoping to learn about their goals for the season, discover what subjects they would be studying and figure out a role for myself that would be teammate and also mentor.

Kevin dropped me off at MCC at 530am commenting that the runners looked pretty young. I piled in the van with assistant coach Derek our trusty driver. We had a great ride up to Flagstaff and arrived at Buffalo Park to run 8 miles then depart to camp. I love running in Flagstaff the cool weather and clear air is awesome. My lungs were burning right away as we ascended almost 800 feet for our run. Post run we had a little picnic in the park.

We arrived at the cabin and Taylor called “girls get the upstairs” I claimed a bedroom and invited anyone to join me, there was no way I was sleeping 4 to a bed or on the floor. I lucked out and got my own room, I was prepared with ear plugs if needed. Everyone was settling in and doing a few fun activities.

boys with their chopped wood

They all headed out for a night run while I got the dinner started. Assistant coach David was kind enough to bring his camera and video tape everyone running. Throughout the trip he worked tirelessly to review each video individually and point out form issues. He also gave each person some exercises to help work on their form. This was really awesome and I hope everyone does their exercises (hint hint).

coach David video taping runners

Thursday morning we drove up near Snow Bowl and found a nice mountain road for the days run. We had packed breakfast to have post run. I had my Garmin and clocked almost 1000 foot climb for a roundtrip 9 mile run. We had some beautiful scenery with mountains and pine trees. My teammate Becca and I were able to enjoy most of the run together. As we crested the mountain we came into a beautiful meadow and several horses. They had reins but no owners in site although they were beautiful I felt a little freaked out by their size. What if they charged at us? Becca and I decided to tiptoe off the trial as they trotted past. I had only .25 to go on the run when the road split. Hmm which way to go? I figured out an option on my Garmin watch called “return to start” that came in handy, being lost and starving is not a good combo.

Becca and I after conquering the mountain. My new Stripey top!

The afternoon plans were to drive to Slide Rock in Sedona. Derek navigated us through a horrible thunderstorm complete with hail. We arrived and got settle at Slide Rock but the storm followed. We were still able to enjoy about an hour of the cool waters. One group of guys got a bit seperated for the day and they did some fishing. When they brought the fish home I really did not believe they caught them with their hands. They chopped off the heads and cooked them up for dinner. I was impressed! I inquired about other cooking skills; toast, cereal, sandwiches. Not sure if cereal is really considered cooking.

Slide Rock in Sedona AZ

Thursday night we had a team meeting with the girls. Taylor and Harley are the 2 remaining team members from last year and the rest of us are all newbies. We set of goal of getting the girl’s team to Nationals. I shared my goal of winning Nationals! I shared a little running wisdom with them and how I hope to help our team to be the best it can be. The boys had a similar meeting steer headed by Eddie and Efron. If there is one thing I know after last year it is how to chase down a dream like nobodies business. I hope to share that drive and passion with my teammates while encouraging them to be the best runner they can.

The whole team including coaches.

Sadly a few members of our team were not there since all their paperwork was not complete. Lessons we must learn in life; get your stuff done early!

Our girls team came away from the trip excited and motivated. The drive back was fun. I took over the deejaying with my iPod and we played guess which family member downloaded this song on my iPod. Glad to see the girls like some of my songs and not just Josh’s picks. I look forward to the season ahead.

Oiselle Stride Short Giveaway

back view of Stride Shorts

Incredible giveaway to share with you today!

I received my first pair of Stride Shorts from Oiselle in March. Before I slipped them on it was love at first sight. The fabric was so soft and durable. I knew right away these would become my favorite shorts. Here is a picture from there website and description.

Oiselle Stride Short indigo

Oiselle’s popular compression running shorts have been updated for Spring 12. Same flattering fit, new fabric. Now the Stride Short has more compression without added bulk or loss of stretch.

When you slip these shorts on you feel the immediate hug of the material, but then never feel anything but confident once you start running. They are carefully designed to never ride up. The perfect racing shorts.

– new! high compression fabric – never ride up – 4″ inseam – 90% micropoly/10% spandex – machine washable

me in the Stride Shorts

In a nutshell these are my go to shorts for all gym workouts (strength, core, conditioning) Bikram Yoga, racing and of course running. I can get into any position without a flashing my crotch to everyone. I have a similar style by another company (lets say it rhymes with juicy) and I have worn them for a few years for the same events but now they are in the back of the drawer collecting dust while I wear my Stride shorts. I am often washing them midweek so I can have them again (I guess I should order more pairs).

Here is how I would describe the fit: PERFECT.  I have a pretty toned body but after 2 babies there is always a bit extra on the lower ab area and many shorts pinch into your waist and create a nice muffin top look (Oiselle Stride Shorts do not). Also other shorts pinch in the thigh creating the dreaded sausage thigh look. They also stay put not riding up, no women wants to be running and tugging at the same time or have cheekies hanging out. There is not a pocket but a gel tucks nicely into the waist band.
I have done 2 races in them so far and loved them. The fabric has just enough compression to fit snug. I often have trouble with fit since my waist is pretty small but hips a bit bigger. The Stride short feels like it was designed for me.

The fabulous team at Oiselle is giving 1 of my lucky blog readers a free pair of Stride Shorts.

Mandatory for entry: Go to the Oiselle website and tell me your favorite Stride short color http://www.oiselle.com/shop/running-shorts/stride-short. Leave a blog comment about it.

Extra entry: Follow me on Twitter  @kerrycamberg and leave a separate comment.

Extra entry: Share this contest or link on your blog and leave a separate comment.

This a great opportunity to tryout Oiselle and if you already own some of their clothing you know it is awesome!

Get your entries in soon. Josh was my photographer so he will be doing the drawing on Tuesday August 21 (this date signals the end of summer with the last kid going to school). Winner will be announced by August 22 8am. I will then contact you via email to get your address and size to send you the Stride Shorts.

Keeping it honest with my Garmin

I am slowly regaining my speed but still have away to go. When I am running intervals and hitting 6:30 pace it still feels pretty difficult, hard to believe I ran a marathon at a faster pace. I keep focusing on quality workouts and feeling recovered between runs. I realize I was pretty spoiled last year often having someone to do my faster paced runs with and we could push each other. I am in the lead of the girls and a few guys on the team. There are some guys that are a bit faster and as I ramp back up fully hopefully I can find a good match for my speed. I am using my Garmin to help keep me honest for now. It has been really hot and some humidity so it is easy to back off just a bit. If I allow that to happen it will take longer to get my speed back.

I am still getting used to our training workouts with timed intervals vs. distance (such as mile repeats). I feel like I am not pushing myself as hard. I plan on giving it another week and maybe I will setup my Garmin a bit different. I just feel like I am not sure exactly where my speed is at and want to be able to compare my progress from week to week.

My friend Susan Loken is coming to join me at practice on Thursday, I can’t wait. We did so many workouts together last year and she really helped me to improve.

On Sunday my friend Ron held a viewing party to watch the Women’s Olympic Marathon. He has a theater room in his basement so we were treated to a royal viewing! Luxurious leather arm-chair recliners, surround sound speakers and the biggest tv I have ever seen. I was surrounded by my fellow Bandido runners. A girl could not ask for a better setup. What a thrill it was to see Shalane Flannigan and Kara Goucher, sadly Desiree Davilia had to drop out due to injury. I remember watching her in Houston at the trials and she looked so strong. I was glad she got to the start line and ran a bit. We wrapped up the viewing with cake for Ron’s birthday (gluten-free pancakes for me).

We are enjoying the Olympics especially now that track and field started. It is amazing to see all the talented athletes. Josh is already trying to figure out what distance he wants to race. I am thankful for my DVR so I can record and watch while fast forwarding!

I was planning on doing my strength and core exercises while the kids were at sports. At the last-minute I had to drive Josh to football. Once I arrived i figured I could take off my sandals and doing some exercises in the park amongst the mosquitos under the blaring sun. I decided to skip it tonight and run errands before heading back to gymnastics. I must be getting soft!

The rest of this week is projected to be near highs of 111-115. When I dropped Josh off at football this evening I am amazed to see 7 teams of kids playing football in this heat. I guess in AZ if you want to play football there is not much choice. I am glad I was elected to go to gymnastics and be in the a/c watching Katherine while Kevin swelters in the heat with Josh. On the way to gymnastics I stopped at Target to get a few more school supplies and rolling backpack. Katherine’s school is being remodeled and there are no lockers. Her backpack & lunchbox weighed 22lbs, she only weighs 79lbs so not a good combo! I strolled by the grocery aisle and wondered if anyone would notice me if I laid down to enjoy the coolness and take a quick nap.

Official start to cross country season!

This week marked our official start to cross country season at Mesa Community College (MCC). We have been practicing “condtioning” for a couple months. During the long spring as I was recovering from the adductor strain I kept focusing on the fall when I would be taking classes and running on the team. I knew our lives would be going full speed with all the activities. I seem to do best with a busy schedule and juggling multiple things.

Here is how our fall is lining up:

Katherine- competitive gymnastics team 3 x 3.5 hrs per week, a full season of meets, starting school at Tempe Prepartory Academy

Joshua-tackle football currently 5xweek for a bit over 2 hrs, flag football team at school, attending Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Kevin-busy at work with a key employee on maternity leave and some travel

I went on Google and made a master calendar with practices, games, meets, school schedules (the kids have totally different schedules) and felt quite proud and overwhelmed at the same time. Some days I drive 70 miles getting everyone where they need to go. I am going to work on getting more carpooling.  Kevin commented that you can put all you want on the calendar but that does not mean you can do it all! Hmm good point. My secret weapon to help me succeed is Katherine. She started doing meal planning and took over alot of cooking and baking for me this summer (her idea). It has been wonderful experience for her and awesome for me. I love the other day after she made gluten free vegan muffins and veggie chili I said I would help her clean up. She said “no mom I got it you go rest since you get up so early to run”. When I get near the kitchen and she is cooking she practically kicks me out because she wants to do it herself. Can I scream “I love it”. Cooking for a family with multiple food allergies and half of us vegetarians is no easy task. She has made some wonderful recipes, vegan lentil mushroom burgers, golden beet salad and the list goes on. Maybe one day she will become a chef!

Running this week:

Sun-strength and core

Mon-7 miles 10 min steady 10 min fast strength and core

Tues- 6 miles on the trail with Susan love hammering out the finish in sub 7 minute pace strength and core

Wed-8 easy miles at Freestone Park nice avg pace of 7:43 core workout

Thurs-almost 9 miles intervals 5,4,3,2,2,3,4,5 all with 1 min rest up and down hills the entire time at the park (felt a bit depleted after that and decided to slam down my 16oz green juice not the best idea)

Fri-Elliptigo cross training 90 minutes strength and core

Sat-Kiwanis park 10 miles

We have been loving watching the Olympic gymnastics. It is a great time to work on my core, foam rolling or strength. I admit one day I was so exhausted I just laid on the floor and proceeded to fall asleep. Sunday my daughter had an Olympic viewing party and local tv channel broadcast from her gym, super fun. One of the coaches and owner is Amanda Borden from the 1996 gold medal team. It was so fun to see all the team girls flipping, playing and having a blast. I would have loved to do something like this at her age. In fact when I watch her practices I have to control myself from running out there and doing flips. I really miss being a gymnast!!

Olympic viewing party at Gold Medal Gymnastics

Amanda Borden giving the girls some tips.

A real Olympic gold medal from Atlanta 1996

I cannot wait to see the Track and Field starting Friday. My heart still breaks for those people I know that did not make the team, especially Lauren Fleshman. You can read her view from being on the bench at her blog www.asklaurenfleshman.com it made me tear up. She is in Hawaii enjoying herself, good place to be.

Lauren, Katherine, and I dinner out on the town in March

Lauren, Andrew Wheating and other members of Oregon Track Club having an impromtu jam session during a BBQ in our backyard. Watch for Andrew Wheating in the Olympics starting this Friday.I am rambling a bit today but have been wanting to blog and time keeps getting away from me. The new laptop my husband got me is a huge help (best husband ever). The next few days we are watching 3 other kids and then Katherine starts school Monday. Last night it felt like the calm before the storm! We are heading to  Bounce U Friday for some bouncing fun.

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