Countdown to Twin Cities Marathon 65 days

It has been a crazy few weeks: vacations, kids home from school, figuring out which marathon to run. I know I was getting obsessed with marathons when I had 4 course maps including elevation charts and listing how many turn for each race and was still considering a few others. My family was like “just pick one already!!”

I was really blessed to receive great offers from 3 races to have expenses covered (that 247 at Grandma’s sure helped in this area). So the winner is Twin Cities October 2 in Minnesota. It also happens to be the Masters National Championship race which I have always wanted to do. My training partner Susan Loken is doing this race also and has won it multiple times. Huge plus!!!! I am really excited and looking forward to it.

One minor concern: my right foot. I am putting all my faith and trust into the healing hands of Dr. Ball. I have a bit of the plantars fascitas going on in my right foot. I have had 6 epat shockwave therapy treatments to help break up the scar tissue. Not sure I can describe the pain level that occurs during the treatment but at least when you give birth you get a baby after all the pain. Well I will get an Olympic Trials Qualifying time so it is worth it. Dr Ball has this awesome new machine and it has been highly effective solving this issue. I think in a few weeks I will know for sure if my foot can heal and handle running 70 miles a week. Twin Cities will take all my training efforts so I am either all in or resting for a Dec. race. Positive thoughts!!!!!

I have a great group of girls at track practice on Tuesdays at 5am. I am truly blessed to have other strong female runners to train with, makes the 345am wakeup call a bit easier. Very fortunate my kids are old enough to entertain themselves for a bit in the afternoon so I can try to nap.

Training week of July 24

Sun 14 avg pace 722

Mon 6 easy strength and core training

Tues track 8 total 16×400’s avg86  (counted it down with legos)

wed 6 easy strength and core training

Th 10 1x2miles in 13:02 2x 1mile 640 (super hot thought I might dissolve)

Fri off (probably last time for a while)

Sat 8 trail run st mtn


Winning my 1st race in Yacolt, WA!!!!


Enjoying the cool weather in Oregon/ Washington. I really wanted

to do a race in Washington state to add to the list of places I will race this year. My husband found a race in Yacolt, WA called the Bigfoot Run. We decided to make it a family event. My sister in-law Carren was our 1 woman support crew, from chef, travel planner, driver, wet wash clothes, video and picture person, custom order coffee drinks no detail was left out. The minivan was locked and loaded for a 730 departure.

Winning the Bigfoot 10k in Yacolt, WA

Race day plan:

5kers niece Claire and brother Louie run their 1st race, Josh wanted to dominate the kids field, Katherine would dominate the girls field

10kers Kevin would shoot for a PR and Kerry would just have fun and try not to be too competitive since it was my 2nd run post marathon.

We arrived at Yacolt town hall cash in hand to register all 6 of us. Josh immediately spotted the large trophies and went to check them out. I wrote cell ph#s on the back of the race#s in case the kids got lost on the course. Really Kerry we are in Yacolt can anyone actually get lost here?? Carren and I started checking out the local competition. I reviewed the course map afraid I would get lost in the chance I would be running out front. We chatted with the local folk. Josh asked the race director if there would be kids awards and was sad to here there were not.

We lined up to the chalk letters “Start” on the street. A motorcyle cop led us out. About 1 mile in was the turnaround for 5k so the couple people I was running with turned off. I kindly asked the volunteer to make sure my kids turned around at the 5k mark. A police car took over as the official race car and we headed up the winding road. I was curious how close the next competitor was, turned around no one anywhere in sight. Ok interesting just me and the cop winding up the hill.

I knew my husband would be cursing these hills so hoped they would be short for him. I just remembered I have actaully never done a 10k event. I find this odd!!! Nearing the top of the hill some of the locals were cheering wildly “look its a girl in the lead” I was thinking Dam Right!! At the top of the hill I stopped to chat with the aid station folk and told the police officer to go ahead and make his u-turn I would wait for him. He leaned out the window and said”miss you sure are running nice and fast today” Chatted a bit more while enjoying some cold water and headed down the hill following my new friend in the cruiser. Half way down the hill I spotted the competition, I gave all the guys a thumbs up good job. Not sure if I was encouraging them or offending them.

I had to savor this moment. When would I be leading a race at this pace ever again. After all the intense running and racing this is just what I needed. Not to mention  I have placed high in many races but never actually won any!! Passed my brother and niece around the last mile and gave her some encouragement (will have to discuss pacing later).

As I turned the corner towards the finish the cruiser pulled over to let me cross the finish line. My sister in law was there to capture it on film. My kids were there doing the traditional finish line cheering. We headed back on the course to find Claire and run her in with cheers and encouragement. Kevin came sprinting to the finish line a young guy just barely passing him. Kevin was bummed not to beat him then I reminded him it was for the best because he just missed the guy vomitting all over his shoes!! Josh ran 24:12 and the townsfolk had jaws dropped when they saw him cruising to the finish. I am betting they have kids awards next year.

At the awards ceremony all the kids came up to claim my giant trophy and take pictures. What an awesome moment. I explained to the kids and camera I have done 9yrs of competitive gymnastics, an ironman, 7 marathons, too many triathonlons to count, world championship races, half marathons, etc and never in my life have I won a trophy quite this big. We had to laugh at the size of the thing. I was thinking good think we are flying SW airlines otherwise how would this think come home. Carren mentioned this trophy was my life’s work. Once I figure out how to load photos you can see if for yourself. In the meantime Kevin said where would we put it, fireplace mantel??

We left Yacolt and headed for a day of picnicing and cave exploration at Ape Cave. Sometimes you just want to press the pause button since life is so good!!!!  Congratulations to all the runners and huge thanks to the 1 woman support crew, Carren!!

Finding my running legs again

Many thoughts go through my head after a race. I love to analyze it and figure out what I could have done better. What I learned from Grandma’s

-run the tangents better

-remember on your Garmin the course will be a bit longer so adjust your pace to meet your goal

-know your numbers, what time do I need at 10k, half, 20 mile, etc.

I am so happy I believed in myself and “trusted my stuff” and just went for it. I missed the mark by 117 seconds. I know I will get it next time.

Been going through the process of trying to find the perfect race: good fast course, chance for decent weather, competitive field. I realize I had all that at Grandma’s so kickin myself a bit I did not get it done at that race. I was at hot yoga last week and decided to just let it go, cant change the past and I need all my energy to get ready for the next marathon. Here are a few I am looking at:

-Victoria, British Columbia- not sure about course, timing and weather looks good, they will set me up for the race in style so I am interested

-Toronto weather could be a little cold mid Oct, course and competition looks great.  Very expensive to get there. I submitted my elite application and waiting to hear back.

I took 10 days off from running even though I thought I might explode. Did my first run in Cama, WA at my brothers house in great weather. Unfortunately it is super hilly so maybe not the best choice for the 1st run back. Got to revisit everything that hurt the last 5 miles of the marathon. Always fun for the 1st run back.

So back to running and finding a race!!

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