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I can’t believe my last blog post was Nov 13! I just reread it and in reference to my right glute and left hamstring “I had some panic set in about the pains hoping it was not going to develop into anything.” Yes well definitely developed and hung on like there was no end in sight. I have been battling through multiple health issues and trying to keep my head above water (or honestly not slip into a deep depression).

Quick recap of last few months then on to some fun stuff! Running has been on/off with lingering issues that can’t seem to allow me to do any speed work or run more than 30 miles per week since mid Nov. The day before Thanksgiving I woke with my left elbow on fire in pain (just to set the record straight it was my right elbow that gave me trouble all year and took 8 months to resolve).  I have been dealing with vision issues all year and received a diagnosis of keratoconus in July after my 3rd eye doctor. I had suspected this might be the case and was at least glad to get confirmation. I had over 40 eye appts last year and still had not quite got contact lenses that would work for me. To top it off around Nov I started experiencing migraines and headaches from the vision problems.  I have worked with several people and tried many different things for elbow, eyes, headaches, and hamstring/glute. It was a difficult last couple months of the year as I worked hard to get better and get as many medical issues covered by insurance before the end of the year since we had met our huge deductible.

We rang in the new year at the Midnight Madness Run. I enjoyed running easy under the stars with my daughter. We had brought noise makers and silly glasses and I joked maybe these glasses would work for me!

The first week of the 2014 I reflected on where I was at and where I needed to be both with my overall health and running. I decided to mix it up and switch to some different doctors for some of my health issues. My elbow was causing me constant daily pain and just could not take it any longer. So far a couple weeks in things are slowly making progress. I actually put my ponytail in the other morning without gritting my teeth.

My kids have continued to be busy competing on in their sports. It has been fun watching them and a great distraction. I am really proud of how hard they work in school and on the athletic platform. They are both running cross-country on their school team. In Dec the team did a local 5k Josh won handcuffs and coach awarded him with “monster runner” for the schools first team race. Katherine is only able to attend practice 1x per week due to her gymnastics schedule but has been running consistently and encouraging the girls on her team. This is the first time both kids have been on the same sports team since swimming when they were 5 &7.

Josh "monster runner"

Josh “monster runner”

warming up before first xcountry meet

warming up before first xcountry meet

Katherine had an early season gymnastics meet in Nov. She was excited to perform her new routines and compete as a Gold Excel level gymnast. She competed with grace and composure during her floor routine when her tooth came out and just kept going. After the routine she stepped off the floor and brought me the tooth for safe keeping.

Katherine holding her tooth after AZ Grand meet.

Katherine holding her tooth after AZ Grand meet.

tomorrow the kids have their championship meet for xcountry. The girls team is undefeated and the boy’s team has been placing 2 a several times. Josh has taken his competitiveness to another notch, setting and achieving goals. He wanted to run under 12 minutes (done 11:48, place in top 5, achieved). It has been fun watching them develop as runners and I love cheering on the kids and taking pictures of their team. I had to ask the kids if they thought I was too crazy cheering for them, team members said they love the encouragement. It should be a fun day tmrw.

Xcountry meet with grandma and Stan. Josh placed 5th that day.

Xcountry meet with grandma and Stan. Josh placed 5th that day.

Their coach gave the kids an opportunity to run an Xterra event. We had to leave around 630am load up the car with lots of kids and drive almost an hour. The kids had a blast! The girls swept the podium and we got 2 out of 3 boys on the podium. Josh was beaming with pride at the top of that podium. I would have loved to run the race but knew it was not in my best interest so took lots of photos!

Xcountry team at Xterra 8k trail race

Xcountry team at Xterra 8k trail race

Lauren Fleshman and the “Oiselle Little Wing” girls are in town for some winter training. It has been fun running and connecting with them. They all headed to Washington to race this weekend. Going to cheer on Betsey Flood, Christine Babcock, Lauren, Kara Foster and Mel Lawrence from home.

Trail run with Oiselle gals, Josh and his friend John were happy to hang with the fast girls.

Trail run with Oiselle gals, Josh and his friend John were happy to hang with the fast girls.

Oiselle Little Wing dinner party at our house

Oiselle Little Wing dinner party at our house

We hosted a fun Oiselle Little Wing dinner party at our house last week. The new fire pit was quite a hit. Laughs, great food and fun times were had by all.

It has been a bumpy few months but I have so many things to be grateful for and am fortunate I am a very optimistic person!! My husband Kevin has been very supportive through all the trials and tribulations. My kids always life my spirits and fill me with joy. Connecting with all the Oiselle ladies has been a blast. Monday trial runs with my friend Susan, JT, Arianna, Priscilla (and anyone else that joins us) has been great. It helps me realize I am on my way back. My coach John has continued to encourage me to keep my fitness up as much as possible and that I will be back out there racing strong soon. Our newly formed Sonoran Distance Project is really starting to take flight. I am excited to be part of this group of women as we work towards our goal of the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. Follow us on twitter at  @SonoranDistProj One final thing is reconnecting with a friend from college, Phil and getting to know his family. During our day together him and his wife told me about a challenge they were part of and invited me to join in. Whole Life Challenge ( is a 60 day challenge. I agreed to it on the spot and then panicked the next day but it was been 2 weeks now and I am really enjoying it. I am partially surviving on my new favorite Garden of Life Raw Protein shakes made with cashew milk!!!

Tomorrow will be a busy day: xcountry championships, Josh football game, Katherine gymnastics meet, last-minute visit from my brother’s family. I am thankful for all the activity and richness in my life!


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