Bigfoot Run in Yacoult, WA

Last year I wrote about the Bigfoot Run our family raced in during summer vacation. This year as we were planning our trip to Washington/Oregon my son Josh specifically requested that we go to the Bigfoot Run again this summer. I was going a bit earlier on the trip to attend the Olympic Trials in Eugene. Friday night Oiselle was throwing a huge Fashion Show and party that I really wanted to attend. I decided on the Trials and then an early departure from Eugene to pickup the family in Portland before heading to my brother’s house. We would all get up early Sat and drive to Yacoult for the race.

Bigfoot Fun Run racers

Yacoult seems like a great small town with lots of spirit and pride. We arrived early enough to warmup and hang out.  Josh even won a raffle prize before the race started.  Next it was time to lineup in the street and get ready to run.

Runner girls

Oiselle spirit

We also had to pose with Bigfoot and be ready in case we ran into him on the course.

Posing with Bigfoot

I had been back running a few weeks, definitely not race ready so my goal was to just have fun and be conservative so I did not hurt anything. I was planning on using my Garmin to keep me from going to fast, when the battery died at the start line I decided Josh could be my pacer. He was hoping to slide in under 22 minutes but mainly wanted to beat his dad again.

Right before the 1 mile mark I pushed ahead of Josh a bit which was nice because then I told everyone to cheer for him. I looked to be in about 3rd place. I was trying to dial down my competitive spirit but it is so hard to do! It felt really great to be running these gentle hills in nice weather. I came to a turnaround and passed the 2nd place guy. The male leader was up ahead and with in catching distance  but I decided to settle in where I was and not push the pace. Several times I passed the kids or my husband and we high-fived.

I rounded the corner and cruised to the finish line smiling as my sister in-law Carren captured it on video tape. I ran 21:11 2nd place overall and 1st female.  What a journey this past year had been. Last year when we were here I was fresh off a 2:47 marathon and had my hopes set on qualify for the Olympic Trials. Now I was just trying to return from running after 6 months off. It felt so good to be back out there.

I turned around waiting for my son and rest of the family. Once my kids finished we headed back on the course to cheer on the runners. After a bit I decided to go run out and see if my niece was walking or running. She decided to walk this year and was having fun with her dad. She has been training on the elliptical at home and wants to run it next year.

Josh 4th overall 22:38 1st child

Kevin 5th overall 23:41

Katherine 8th overall 25:46 2nd child

kids awards

winners trophy

Kids hung out in the grass with snacks while we waited for the awards and clapped for the finishers. It was such a fun morning!! As we were walking to the car a man stopped me and asked my name. He mentioned he had read my blog from last summers race!

Many thanks to the town of Yacoult for hosting such a fun event for the whole family!!

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Running is going well and I promise to update this week regarding the 2nd annual Camberg trip to Bigfoot Run in Yacoult.

Experiencing the Olympic Trials

I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to visit Eugene and watch the Olympic Track and Field Trials. In 2008 I recall watching it on tv while at my brother’s house in Washington and thinking I would love to see it in person. After meeting Lauren Fleshman this year and knowing she would be racing at the trials I started planning the trip. In the spring I received an email from Oiselle inviting me to a Totally Trials Track Town party. Lets just say I booked my ticket right away.

I arrived on Thursday June 28 in Portland and quickly drove to Eugene. Kristin from Oiselle called to make sure I made it safely and tell me the meetup plan. I was staying with another Masters runner, Susan Empey, I had briefly met her at the marathon trials in Houston. With a rough map I somehow found my way to our house.

Hayward Field with Susan Empey

Arriving at Hayward Field was surreal. There was 22,000 spectators there to watch the trials that night. Nike had a huge glass wall listing each event and spaces to fill in the athletes name as they made the Olympic Team. Hmm all I need is a black Sharpie and I can jot down Lauren’s name.

I enjoyed watching high jump, steeple chase, hurdles and several other events. The last 2 events would be the women and men 5000 meter final. I was a nervous mother in the stands silently praying for Lauren. It was an exciting evening seeing dreams come true as athletes made the team and heartbreaking to watch years of hard work and dedication not payoff.

Lauren walked out waving to the crowd to many cheers. She really is a hometown favorite up in Eugene. I recruited everyone sitting near me to cheer for Lauren. After the intros the starting pistol banged and the girls were off for 12.5 laps. I was seated just past the finish line so could easily see Lauren. She hung with the pack for 10 laps.

5000 meter Final Lauren hanging in there!

With 2 laps to go the pace increased and Lauren was not able to stay with them but dug in to do her best. The last lap as the rain fell I had tears in my eyes watching her dreams slip away. I could only imagine the emotions she was experiencing and was so proud of her. Another story was unfolding at the finish line that would prove to be heartbreaking.

During the final lap it appeared spot 1 and 2 would be secured by Julie Culley in 15:13 then Molly Huddle 15:14. The final 3rd spot was a true photo finish between Kim Conley and Julia Lucas. Conley needed the A standard and she barely got it. Julia Lucas demonstrated true grit as she pushed her body to the limit missing her spot by .04 second. An amount of time that does not even seem measurable. My heart went out to her, my heart swelled with joy for Kim Conley.

After the race we met up with several Oiselle girls, I am not sure how many were there but I met at least 15 women from around the country that represent Oiselle. The air was buzzing of talk about the big fashion show dance party Oiselle was putting on Friday night. This was the event to be at, unfortunately I would be heading up to Portland to join my family and go to an early Sat am race.

Sally Bergesen sporting her Picky Bar shirt and me in my cool Oiselle hoody!

We met up with Lauren and the Picky Bar crew for some drinks to top off the night. I gave Lauren the cards my kids had made. Katherine drew a track with a women in a superhero cape labeling it “Lauren our Olympic Trials Super Hero”. Josh drew a picture of a lion labeling it “Lauren you have the courage of a lion”.

Post race with Lauren, Meggie, Susan and me.

Friday we had an Oiselle run and several other runners joined us. We ran along the river and up to Pre’s Rock. I was so thrilled to attend the trials and represent Oiselle and meet the other amazing Oiselle women.

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