Oh Elliptigoing I will go!

It has been 5 weeks today since my PRP treatment. On Monday I tried a 2 minute run 1 minute walk twice, just felt pain high up in the adductor. Darn that was frustrating. Wednesday tried 2 minute run still pain in higher adductor region. on Wed. followed up with Dr. Wolff and had ultrasound which stilled showed some inflammation in that adductor region that was sore. He suggested I see how it goes over the next 2 weeks and we could plan on another PRP 2 weeks out if needed. Well I want to get better so if that is what it takes than PRP #2 here I come.

I have been using the Elliptigo this week and it is so fun and amazing! This is the next best thing to running. I like the way it uses my leg muscles opposed to my bike to keep me in “running shape”. Thursday I did 15 miles in 1 hour. We have a great canal path near my house but you must cross a major street every mile, such a bummer to stop and wait for the light. Once I have more time me and the Elliptigo are going on a trip to South Mountain or Central Phoenix canal path (no lights).

Today I rode 20 miles on the Elliptigo while completely losing track of town. I was having so much fun! At one point I crossed a dirt path and traveled through some random lumber yard and had to carry it across a railroad track. It was here that I was like where the heck am I? Looked up and saw the Gilbert water tower. I started in Tempe then Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. Ok time to turn around and head back home! Got the chance to talk to several people about the Elliptigo while stuck at lights. Most popular question, Does it bother you knees? answer is no.

After my cross town Elliptigo journey I tried a bit of a run. I did 4 minutes run 1 minute walk twice and NO PAIN! A few hours later I did 5 minutes run 1 minute walk 5 minutes run NO PAIN. Holy cow I think I am getting better!! Icing as I type just in case. I am going to add running time slowly over the next few days (learned this from Lauren). Yes it would be awesome to go knock off a few miles and rush back into things but I have big goals and am setting my foundation on a stable block!

Plans are in the making for our family to travel to the Track & Field Olympic Trials in Eugene this summer and watch Lauren Fleshman earn her spot on the Olympic Team. Over the last few weeks we have adopted her into our family and want to see her shine.

Life is good, going to enjoy the successes of this week and be thankful.

Oiselle racing clotheson the Elliptigo

I got my new Oiselle Welcome Kit today containing great stuff to train and race in. I had Kevin take a few pictures outside as the sun was setting on the Elliptigo since I have been doing some cross training on it lately. Let me tell you people notice you when you are on the Elliptigo. I have never seen one in Tempe before and love telling people all about it. Tomorrow I plan on Elliptigoing around town in my new Oiselle clothes with some coupons tucked in my shorts to handout. I am really going to get noticed now!

Here I am in my new racing singlet and distance shorts. Both feel great and soft material. I can already tell these shorts will not be chafing!

Here i am with the stride shorts and t-shirt. I was worried about the fit on the shorts. I got a size small and they could not be more perfect! No sausage legs or muffin top (and my quads tend to be a bit bigger than the average chicken leg runner). These are going to be my racing shorts because I feel fast as lightning in these suckers! Love the color of this shirt!

I also got these cool arm warmers with thumb holes! I have used arm warmers tons in the past for biking and cold runs. They are awesome to start a race with too! They can be pushed up and down your arm for comfort, tied around your waist or even tucked into your top for an instant lift! In a pinch a last-minute use is to wipe your nose on a cold winter morning.

In case you are interested in any of the above items checkout their website at http://www.oiselle.com/shop/. Enter RUNTODAY to get 10% off your first order.

I think my son Josh is tearing up in a 5k this weekend so I plan on wearing my stuff and handing out coupons to share the good word about Oiselle. Me, I will be waiting until my body is race ready to tear it up on the course.

3 day juice cleanse story

I heard about juice cleansing from my friend Terri Antonio. I have wanted to purchase a juicer for a while so this was the final incentive.  I have had the juicer 2 days and totally love it. An added benefit is that Josh is getting more fruit and veggies in his diet since he loves the juices (well most of them). His favorite is blueberry, apple, spinach and lemon. I purchased the Jack Lalane juicer from Costco for $89.99 price seemed so good and the return policy is great if it did not work out. I also bought a cartload of organic produce on the same trip to Costco. I got 10lbs of carrots for $4 bucks what a steal!

I thought I would share my experience with the juice cleanse. I decided to do it because I have heard about it and was curious, I don’t think I could be running and do just juice. I have been having more problems with my  allergies and just got off my asthma medicine. I am wondering if it would help with inflammation too. Curious about if it will cause weight loss, probably but then I imagine I will return to normal (not trying to lose weight just maintain). Starting weight 124.8 lbs.

I was originally refered to jointhereboot.com but the website was acting all crazy so I got 2 books from the library. 3 day cleanse by Zoe Sakoutis & Erica Huss( good for directions) and The Juicing Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health (good for specific symptoms) by cherie Calbom.

After reading the book I followed the level 3 Excavation Cleanse from The 3 day cleanse book. It called for a total of 6 drinks per day: 1 fruit, 1 nut milk and 4 green. I decided I would drink more if need be for hunger. I did not want to be starving and I have a very high metabolism plus I wanted to be exercising too.

They mention a stage to  prepare for the cleanse but since I already don’t eat meat, sugar, wheat and very little dairy decided to just do a bit before the first day. I did not write it down exactly but hear is what I remember

-breakfast my typical oatmeal with granola, morning through afternoon 2 juices (1 green 1 fruit), afternoon snack popcorn and puffins, dinner mexican chop salad and cheese crisp (gluten-free), before bed nutmilk juice (made in blender).

Thursday Day 1 juicing cleanse

630am upon waking hot water with lemon, Greens & Apple juice

830am Greens and Apple juice

9am 1/2 nutmilk 930-11 Bikram Yoga class

11am 1/4 nutmilk and carrot apple juice 12pm elliptical 45 minutes

1pm mean green juice

245pm 1/4 nutmilk

330pm Spinach Power

530pm Healthy Sinus (super nasty with radishes) 6-74)5pm worked with Nicole (physical therapy

8pm nutmilk

Felt good all day. Extremely surprised I was not totally starving! I am a person that generally travels with food in my purse, car and eat 5-6x per day. When I am not eating I am thinking about what I will eat next, in other words I have a big appetite.

Friday Day 2 juicing cleanse

515am upon waking hot water with lemon, Greens & Apple juice

6-730 Bikram Yoga (starving during yoga)

745 Nutmilk 830-9 elliptical machine

930 Spinach-blueberry-apple-lemon

1030 Carrot-apple-lime

1130 carrot-apple-lime

115 nutmilk

345 mango strawberry with rice milk

615 gazpacho soup

7 pineapple clementine

8 nutmilk

I woke up at 430am full of energy, like I was ready to race a marathon (so bizarre). After laying in bed for a while I decided to go to Bikram yoga. In hindsight I should have had a nutmilk before yoga because before we finished the standing series I was so hungry I could have eaten my yoga mat. It became a test of wills to finish that class! I reached back to my Ironman training and thought I can handle 45 more minutes. Before the instructor could say “namaste” I leapt out of class raced home and made a juice. I was pretty hungry most of the day so kept juicing away. I am amazed that they all taste great and if not quite the best I drop in a slice of pineapple or lemon and that does the trick. I was proud of my strong willpower as I shopped at Costco to buy snacks and food my family needed that day. Also that night my son had a pizza party for his baseball team I picked up a gluten-free pizza for him. Sitting at Barro’s Pizza starving was a test of wills!

Saturday Day 3

8 upon waking hot water with lemon, Green lemonade (from jointhereboot.com)

9 nutmilk (was feeling so hungry and weak)

11 Mean Green Juice (from jointhereboot.com)

1230 Gazpacho with half avocado and 1/2 lara bar (not feeling I need to eat something just absolutely starving and feeling depleted)

3 Pineapple Orange with rice protein

6 nutmilk

9 nutmilk gazpacho soup with half avocado

I was so hungry midday that the experiment almost came to an end but I was determined to see it through. I added the gazpacho and lara bar to help sustain me and they are both raw foods. That evening I was so hungry, again just totally calorie depleted feeling. We joked around as Lauren and Kevin would eating cheese crisps and I was having my nutmilk. Everyone loved the nutmilk it was so tasty like one of those frozen coffee drinks! Yummy!

I am glad I did the whole 3 days. If I were to do it again I would add it more raw foods on day 2-3 to help with my hunger. I think that I will do some 1 day juice cleanses in the future, that seems manageable. It was hard to shop, cook and prepare food for the rest of the family while I was not eating any foods and just juicing. Stomach did feel flatter at the end of the juicing my end weight was 121.5 so a 3lb loss. I think the weight loss was partially from just not enough calories. When you juice there is the pulpy part leftover so I am not sure how many calories were in the juices I drank. Several days later my weight is back to normal. Maybe if you have weight to lose this would help you though?

The biggest boost I saw was in my allergies. My symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, and sinus pressure all disappeared. They came raging back on Monday for the worse allergy attack of my like. I prepared several juices from The juice lady’s guide to juicing for health book geared toward allergy relief. Never try the recipe with radishes. It was so disgusting but I downed it anyway on my way to an appt, when I came back to my car it smelled like radish vomit oh so gross.

I am continuing to include a couple of juices a day into my diet and to the rest of the family. It is amazing what veggies you can hide in the those juices with a little extra pineapple.

Here are a couple of recipes I used all organic:

-Spinach (1-2 ounces), 1 pint blueberries, 1 granny smith apple, 1 lemon (tart but tasty)

-Raw Chocolate Milk

1/2 cup soaked for 1 hour raw cashews

2cups water

3 tablespoons raw cacao nibs (we ended up using 2 tblspn of Starbucks hot cocoa mix)

1 tsp vanilla

1 1/2-2 tbspn agave nectar

2 tsp coconut oil  and pinch of sea salt

you can add some ice too if you want

-Morning Energizer (good for allergies and inflammation)

3 carrots

1 cucumber peeled

1/2 beet root plus a couple leaves

1/2 lemon peeled

1 inch piece of gingeroot peeled

-Apple Carrot Lime

2 granny smith apples

3 carrots

1/2 lime (cut up did not peel)

I hope you enjoyed my juicing story. If you try any juice cleanse or just some juices you like please share with me. I know I will miss my juicer when I travel away from home.

Life is on the upswing!

It seems like it has been awhile since I could write something positive about my injuries. This past week was definitely a turning point in my healing process. I am thankful to have the patience to give my body what it needs. I know I have not hit my running potential yet and won’t be able to without healing my body fully first.

I have been attending Bikram Yoga classes 5x a week because I think it is really helping my abdominal heal. On Monday 3-19 I was able to do all the situps in class with no pain. That is a 1st since August!! I committed to going as much as I could this week. Despite sick kids and days off school I have been able to make it 5x this week. I really love going to my friend Jon’s studio Bikram Mesa but is a bit far and requires extra travel time so does not always work. I was excited to go there twice this week.  Check out his website or on Facebook to see his class schedule. www.bikramyogamesa.com

While attending class I met an amazing woman named Melanie. We only chatted briefly but she is getting ready to go to teacher training in April to be a Bikram teacher. She will travel to Los Angeles for 9wks of training. The amazing part is she has 4 children ages 1-8 and a super supportive husband. Good Luck to her!

Every few days I try four things: plank hold, lunge, sit-up and crunch. These were all exercises that caused pain so I am using it somewhat as a test to see when I am better. Sunday all the plank, sit-up and crunch felt good. Wednesday I was able to succesfully do all four with no pain. I am not ready to starting lunging away but getting closer. I also ran very slowly for about 3 minutes with the kids I coach on Tuesday and it did not feel like anyone was kicking me in the stomach. Yes this is a slow start but that is how it is done (learning that from my house guests).

A highlight of my week was meeting with Nicole Armburst at Spooner Physical Therapy. We reviewed some video/photos she had done of me running back in Nov to examine some form problems and determine what is the root cause. Bottom line I am not firing my right glute, at all no wonder my adductor is so bad it has been doing all the work. My right knee turns in a bit my right foot kind of flings out to the side. As I get more tired this becomes worse. I remember watching video of my finish at OC Half Marathon last year and thinking WOW image how much faster I would be if the form was not so bad. I ran a 3 minute PR at that race too. Nicole gave me some really basic exercises to get me to start firing my glute. Sometimes we have to start at the bottom to rebuild.

Other fun news our family has had the opportunity to host 2 world-class runners while they get treated by Dr John Ball; Lauren Fleshman and Jemma Simpson. These girls are doing everything they can to get recovered and running again. I know they are going to make it so keep your eyes out for them at the London Olympics this summer, Jemma is 800meter and Lauren is 5k. On Wed I felt like we needed to interject a bit of fun to break up the struggles they are going through. Josh and I serenaded Lauren to the song “I will survive” we told her instead of a woman singing this to a man she was singing it to the pain! Our favorite party”go on now walk out the door just turn around now ’cause you’re not welcome here anymore(pain)”. Josh danced and I sang while Jemma recorded it. We finished the night with an ice cream party!

Dr John Ball lent Lauren this Game Day icing machine so I had to try it out. You fill it with ice and then put the cuff around your leg. It offers cold and compression. Oh so cool!

This week definitely was a turning point. I don’t mind starting with some basics because I know it is my foundation to prepare me to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2016. Look for my upcoming post about the 3 day juice cleanse I am trying (on final day right now).

Oiselle Racing Team

I am so glad to put February behind me. Life was filled with drama, trauma, injuries, illnesses, etc. and how lucky that it was Leap Year so we had one extra day in Feb. March is off to a good start, I love the weather in AZ this time of year. Beautiful sunny days, cool mornings and evenings. After a rainy weekend in Oregon and Washington I could not be more thankful to be living her.

The exciting news this month is I was  given the opportunity to run for Oiselle’s Racing Team . It is a team made up of women throughout the country. Oiselle www.oiselle.com  is a women’s running  apparel company run by a few amazing women. The women are runners themselves so  they know what exactly what  runners love. After growing tired of looking for  running shorts and not finding anything that suited her needs, the owner  decided to start her own clothing company! Oiselle is  pronounced wa-zell and means a bird in French. When I was applying for the team I was really excited to learn more about the company. I look forward to racing for them this year. Look for more details in my blog in the future. Plus my friend Allison Delancey is on the team to, check out her blog www.azparentsontherun.com. I cant wait to go tear it up on the race course with her.

2 weeks post PRP on my adductor and abdominal area I feel slight discomfort in both areas (more than I had before the treatment). It was supposed to hurt more initially then feel better. Last Friday I was able to start my initial exercising since I was 2wks post PRP treatment. I started with an easy 30 min on elliptical, no problems Yeah. Saturday I was in Washington and went to Bikram Yoga with my brother and sister in-law. It was just really fun to go workout and with other people! I took it really easy in class, I feared undoing all the healing I have been going through. Again no problems. Sunday I took off since we traveled to Eugene for my nieces gymnastic meet. Monday Bikram again, did not ease up as much and still felt good. Tuesday 1hr elliptical no problems other than boredom and my ipod acting all crazy. Wed I was super excited to go to Bikram again and with my friend Susan. Is it true or does my abdominal muscle actually feel slightly better?? This happened right before the treatment too and I think it is from the yoga.

I am now almost 3 weeks post PRP treatment. I followed up with Dr Wolff yesterday. We discussed the continued soreness and he thought this was normal. He thinks my adductor and abdominal were definitely pretty bad with lots of scar tissue and will take some time to get back to normal. We discussed some research he is following in Europe where they are using an antiflammtory serum instead of just the red blood platelets and seeing huge success. It is illegal here in the states. After some discussion he is thinking the way to see this success may be to do a second treatment around 4 weeks. initially he thought to wait until 8 weeks. I am going to take it day by day since the PRP cost $600 out of pocket plus office visit and ultrasound charges.

He would like me to start easy physical therapy next week with light stretching and strengthening and 10 minute runs on the Alter G. I happened to be at John Ball’s office later in the day with my daughter so we spoke briefly. John suggested waiting until there is no soreness maybe 1-2 more weeks. I would rather give this all the time it needs upfront instead of taking steps backward. So I am thinking end of next week if it feels good. I follow back up with Dr Wolff in 2 weeks. I have another friend that had PRP in similar area just a few days after me so we will be comparing notes throughout our healing.

I had a last-minute chance to meet up with Susan and Lauren to swim today but chose yoga again since I think it is helping. I was trying to make it to Jon’s studio at Mesa Bikram Yoga but scheduling conflicts arose so I went to the studio by my house. My goal at yoga was to “be present in the room” so often my mind drifts to grocery lists, kids schedules, etc. I picked the side of room that I thought might be warmer (like it is not hot enough in there). I was doing good staying present until about half way through the class, maybe because the sweat was rolling off me more than a July track workout in AZ. Anyway my mind drifted tothe beads of sweat and my mini muffin top over my yoga shorts. Despite maintaining my weight (without running) and still sporting six-pack abs I somehow chose to obsess about this?? Two pregnancies that each gained me 45lbs have caused a bit of stretched out skin in the abdominal area (you mothers probably know what I mean). At the end of class I noticed my fingers were all scrunched up and pruny like when you are in the water for a long time. That is how much I was sweating today! Next time I will try harder to stay present or at least some positive thoughts. I think noon yoga class without lunch is not the best time for me.

Other good news is our favorite house guest Lauren Fleshman is back in the house. Not good for her since it means she is injured and here to let Dr Ball work his magic. Any distraction or diversion during this healing process for me is more than welcome. My kids are having fun learning about her Picky Bar company http://www.pickybars.com/ (buy some today they are yummy and you are supporting elite athletes) and T-shirts she designs. I feel good that we can give her an opportunity to stay with us as long as she needs to get herself better. We laughed hysterically over a video clip last night. Check our her blog at http://asklaurenfleshman.com/journal/. Injured runners have time to read comments so don’t be shy about sending us some love!

One last thing my 9yr old son Josh has ran a couple of 5ks last month and posted a 22:02 last weekend. He is about 40 seconds from the state record for 9yr old boys. Might seem like a lot but he does not train, just kind of rolls out of bed and throws on his shoes and runs the race. So maybe with a bit of practice, a little speed workout and possibly a tip or two from Lauren you just never know. His birthday is in 6wks so we got to act fast. Last year the mantra around this house was “every second counts” so might as well keep that going. Oh how I wish I could pace him right now!

I feel like the light is glimmering at the end of the tunnel. I think my return path to running with be a bit curvy I am just glad to be getting on it!!!

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