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I am so excited to have the website launched for our group; Sonoran Distance Project, be sure and check it out.

I finally had a break through week last week!! I received my new contact lenses and was still suffering from headaches. I decided to approach it with a last ditch effort, 2 chiropractic adjustments on my neck, deep massage focused on the migraine pain and a few days of my medication. By the end of last week I finally was free from the headaches that have been plaguing me the last few months. It felt like the dark skies lifted and the sun came out. My elbow is slowly healing with about 25% improvement over the last couple weeks.

I also had a great week of running. I was keeping with my 2 days on 1 day off and slowly building mileage. I ran pain free 38 miles and had 2 long runs of 9 miles. The 2nd of those long runs was in error as we got lost on the trail. I was prepared to walk if needed but everything felt fine.

Mom brag alert!!!! I am really proud of my 2 kids and this past weekend they really shined on the competition arena. Both kids are running cross country for their school and the championships event was held Sat. Josh has always had endless amounts of energy, Katherine does also but enjoys her quiet time and not being overscheduled. The xcountry championships fell on a day she also had a gymnastics meet. It would be possible to compete in both but would be a very long day. She decided to do both not want to let down her xcountry team since the girls were undefeated leading into the meet.

Sunday night Josh started getting a sore throat and cold, Thursday night Katherine was feeling the same way. I was using every essential oil, herb, supplement, neti pot  etc to get these kids feeling better. Saturday morning started cool and crisp with the kids feeling a bit better, ready for a long day.

Katherine and Josh before the big race.

Katherine and Josh before the big race.

Tempe Prep girls team, undefeated all season!

Tempe Prep girls team, undefeated all season!

Katherine ran her fasted 2 miles of the season finishing 12th overall. I am really proud of her, she raced her best and then cheered on her teammates. We had to skip out on the post race breakfast to get home and rest, rehydrate and get “meet hair” ready for gymnastics meet. The girls team did wonderful this year I am really proud of them .

Boys team tied for 2nd place.

Boys team tied for 2nd place.

Josh is slightly more competitive than I am (if that is possible). He had been 6th most of the season and had one 5th place finish. He was wanting to finish in 5th place and knew he had to race hard against the 8th grade boys (he is in 6th grade). I gave him advice, pep talks and encouragement. He started out nice and fast to avoid being boxed in at the narrow start, we would not see him again until about 200m from finish. When he came in sight my heart leapt, he was in 5th with 3 boys on his heels. I cheered with all my might “don’t stop til you are past the clock”. He held his position with the other 3 boys finishing 1-2 seconds behind him. He was beaming with pride and returned to the race to cheer on his teammates.

There would be no post race celebration for Josh either since he had to go straight to his flag football game. He played rusher and they won by a ton. Not sure where he found the energy to keep running more! I love that Josh avidly read his book from one sporting event to the next using the car as his locker room.  Kevin was his chauffeur that day clocking around 120 miles total to all 3 kids events.

We left home at 230 to get to the meet on time. Once I got Katherine checked in a live band was playing really really loud during the girls warm-up. Katherine was covering her ears. Then there was a little dance show so the whole thing started about an hour late. I was crossing my fingers she would not run out of steam before the end of the meet. She had a great meet, stayed on the bars (her big goal), beautiful beam routine scoring 8.8 (including a fall on the full turn). Her last event was the floor and she really nailed it. I was hoping to upload the video but seems to be giving me trouble.

Gold Medal Xcel Gold team wins 1st place and an electric guitar.

Gold Medal Xcel Gold team wins 1st place and an electric guitar.

Gold Medal Excel Gold and Platinum at Classic Rock Meet

Gold Medal Excel Gold and Platinum at Classic Rock Meet

We finally made it home about 9pm to our out of town visitors. We sat by the fire pit outside enjoying our family. I glance over at Josh and notice he is still wearing his football clothing which means he has not showered. When I inquired he said “I was not sure if I was done with sports for the day?” that generated a nice laugh to end the night.

I am looking forward to another solid week of training then some speed work. Can’t wait to start planning my race schedule.


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