Birdcamp 2015

Birdcamp 2015 was an amazing experience with 107 mostly women from around the country. In case you don’t know this is not a birdwatching camp!! We are the “birds” of Oiselle. You can read Oiselle’s blog about camp here

I have to start by saying I have been blessed to be part of Oiselle since early 2012 and I am constantly amazed by the work, messages, strength and power of Sally Bergesen and Sarah Lesko as well as all the members at the “Nest” headquarters. They are always so welcoming and friendly.

Trip started off amazing by meeting up at the airport and taking bus to flagship store. It was magical to walk in and see all the merchandise. I selected some shorts for Katherine and myself, could not come home empty-handed. I was surrounded by friends and fabulous merchandise, not to mention cool weather (I left behind 117 that day).

The 3 hour bus ride was very social only problem is I got extreme motion sickness. I just hunkered down for the 3 hour rainy ride trying to hold it all in. Did not want to be the girl who threw up on the bus!! We arrived around 530 and yoga was at 6. There is nothing better after 3 hours on plane, 3 hours on bus then YOGA class. Thanks to JASYOGA for being there all weekend to offer yoga classes. We had an opening welcome and dinner that night. It was a thrill to see my friends from last summers camp, meet new faces and finally connect with some girls I had been on social media with all year.

The agenda was outstanding from yoga, physical therapy talk and session with Jay Dicharry author of “Anatomy for Runners”,

long runs, hikes, swimming in the lake, tubing down the river, fashion preview show, discussing the political side of the sport, new friends from Australia 

hearing about sponsorship with Yale,

tasty meals, beer garden visit, “the dozen” (coming to Youtube soon)

goal setting session, meeting elite athletes (including our Hammer Thrower Britney Henry,

cross-country 5k race, running drills, leaning about Girls Gotta Run,

Jungle Chicken Talk

Every Mother Counts, pool party, gear swap, Masters panel, free swag and getting to know my cabinmates.



I have been horrible about blogging lately so hoping to get back on it for the fall. Right now my goal race is California International Marathon in December. I am going to race 2 half marathons before then to test my fitness and see where I am at. The running in AZ summer makes it difficult to predicate your fitness level.. It seems every time I am in cooler weather it is 6500+ ft elevation which adds a whole other element when you have asthma.  Looking forward to cooler weather soon and not waking up at 4 am.z 



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