Final weeks of school and all A’s

It seems like forever since I updated my blog! Not even sure where to start. When I came home from Nationals I was in a whirlwind with 3 weeks of school and a mountain of projects, papers, presentations and final exams. Looking back not even sure how I managed to get through it all.

I had set the goal at the start of the semester to achieve all A’s thinking it would be easy. I expect my kids to get A’s so how could I come with less. Well it was a lot more work than I thought, but I DID IT. All A’s in my 4 classes. This is something I never achieved in my earlier college career. I am very proud!

At Regionals Maricopa TV (they cover all the Maricopa County community college events) came out to film me. Watch the news clip here (it starts at 4:10) and see my little cuties!

I am taking time to work on my strength and specifically hamstrings. I visited Dr John Ball last week and he set me up with some intense hamstring exercises. I really want to be out there running fast and training hard but now is not the time. I am focused on getting a strong bulletproof body and running about 40 easy miles (no hills or speed work).

The week I came home after Nationals Josh had the Catholic Schools cross-country meet. We had coached about 19 kids grades 5-8. Luckily I had a great helper, Heather Root. She took over coaching the K-6 program this year since I did not have the time.

Josh 2nd place at Catholic Schools cross country meet.

Josh 2nd place at Catholic Schools cross country meet.

And the next morning it was time for all the kids to run the Ironman Kids 1 mile. I warned Josh his legs might be sore, he really gave it all he got and finished 2nd overall with time of 12:12 for 1.86miles.

Josh ran 6:07 mile at Ironman Kids Run.

Josh ran 6:07 mile at Ironman Kids Run.

Katherine and I had fun volunteering at Ironman the next day. She told me she would like to do one someday! She still remembers crossing the finish line with me in 2007.

Dec 2012 races 020

We had a nice Thanksgiving and Kevin and the kids did the Mesa Turkey Trot. It is an annual event for us, seems like I am always recovering, injured or taking a scheduled rest so I have only ran it a few times.

Josh getting ready for Turkey Trot.

Josh getting ready for Turkey Trot.

Dec 2012 races 024

Our family did sneak a race in this month in honor of Sally Meyerhoff. We all ran the 5k. My son crushed his PR by over a minute running 20:54 (he is 10), We were freezing in 50 degree weather.

Dec 2012 races 034

Of course we can never have just 1 sporting event per day. Right after the race Josh had a flag football game. He said his calves were hurting so he laid down I stretched, massaged and rubbed some muscle pain relief ointment on him and he was good to go.

Josh and I after flag football, yes I am still in my racing clothes!

Josh and I after flag football, yes I am still in my racing clothes!

Life has definitely been busy the last few weeks. I am hoping to make it to some Bikram Yoga here soon!!


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