The next chapter!

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind with going back to school this fall and preparing for the GRE exam (hopefully take it in late October). I am running great and building my base and excited to start speed work soon and actually schedule some races.

I am currently taking nutrition and Biology classes and labs at Mesa Community College. I 1st attended MCC when I was 19 during my first year of college. I was a full time worker and full time student trying to balance it all before I transitioned to ASU. I came back to MCC in fall 2012 to fulfill a dream of being a collegiate athlete when I ran on the cross country team. It was an amazing experience and part of me wishes I was running with them again. So here I am on round 3 fulfilling some undergrad course work so I can apply for grad school at ASU.

It is an exciting time, hopeful one day discouraged the next. Tonight having my doubts, maybe I am too old, or not smart enough to make this dream of further education become a reality. Trying to upload Biology information into my rusty brain seems similar to getting back on the track to do speed work after many months injured. I reflect back on my Ironman training days when I would chant the mantra “Yes I can, yes I can” over and over until it was my singular belief.

We are trying to find a balance at home and constantly juggling everyone’s needs (cross country, soccer, school, teacher meetings, rides, cooking, laundry and the list goes on) it seems “moms homework” is last on the list. Hoping to equal out the balance for everything and get in a rhythm this week. I write this as my son whimpers about not being able to use the computer to play Mindcraft since mom is writing a paper and needs the computer.

Kids are having a great start to the fall. Still hard to believe Katherine is in high school I know the next 4 years will fly by. Took her shopping for a homecoming dress this weekend and racing flats. Not allowed to post any pictures until after the event in a couple weeks. She ran in her first cross country meet and showed true guts and bravery racing in temps around 105 degrees and placing 5th overall. So proud of her. Josh is working hard at soccer and running with cross country kids on the weekend. Kids are hoping to qualify for Youth cross country nationals later this year.

Katherine racing towards the finish at 1st cross country meet of season.

Katherine racing towards the finish at 1st cross country meet of season.

Post race some of the "fierce freshman"

Post race some of the “fierce freshman”

I was so excited this am to run with my Sonoran Distance Project girls. Practice started at 5am which was really early. I had to pick Katherine up from a party and did not get home last night until 11pm so 4am wakeup was tough. It was pitch dark and a couple miles in I tripped and fell on the pavement. Yikes!! luckily just a little sore on hip elbow and hand. It was a great 10 miler but last 2 miles were tough due to humidity. My heart rate was 173 running a slow pace. I just gutted it out to finish. So glad to run with the group today. I was reading a blog today by Kate Grace she mentions “A team is more than a uniform. It’s encouragement and support before and after competition. It’s frequent interaction, about running, but also just about the daily grind. It’s friendly competition – pushing each other to the next level in workouts. It’s running together, cheering on friends together at the water-stop. – See more at:”. I could not agree more. I love training with others and excited to get back out there with my friends and training partners.


Well off to study some more Biology and write a paper for nutrition.



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  1. Kelly LeCours
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 11:36:27

    Kerry I wore my Sonoran Distance Project Tshirt yesterday and I couldn’t stop thinking about you, Susan, and Carrie as I wore it. I know you all will reach your goals. You are a great role model for your children. I highly recommend you watch the documentary on Diana Nyad. I believe it’s called Find A Way. Very inspirational and motivating. You, Susan, and Carrie continue to inspire me! Have an AWESOME day!!


  2. Kelly LeCours
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 12:38:23

    Sorry, Kerry, the dvd I was referring to is called The Other Shore. Oops sorry!


  3. kerrycamberg
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 18:35:27

    thanks for the kind words. I have heard about her so will have to watch the movie! Keep up the great running.


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