Duathlon National Championships here I come

I decided to give myself one month on the bike and see how it went. The verdict is in Sept was successful. I consistently trained without any injuries/pain/frustration, etc. I was able to 5x wk and cycle 2x. My run times have been slowly getting faster. The surprising thing is I can really fly when I get off the bike. I have done 3 bricks with the same run mileage before and after the bike and my 2nd run is avg 30 seconds a mile faster despite the heat. It is just nice to see my training moving in a forward direction after a year of ups and downs. I am officially registered for the race and it looks like I may have some out-of-town family as spectators (my favorite).

I have reached out to several of my triathlon friends and gotten some great advice. 3 years off the bike has made me rusty for sure. I have some awesome Zipp wheels for my bike but staring at them I was confused, did I put those on does the bike need adjustments, how do I change them, what if I get a flat. Running is much simpler! I called on my friend Ken Lewis, he is a great coach and has a lifetime of experience with fast running and triathlon. Several years ago he was the person that planted the seed to qualify for my 1st duathlon world championship race. I will be meeting with him to get my bike race ready. I have the attitude of “it will be what it will be no pressure”. Only being back on the bike 2 months will be a disadvantages but I have my secret weapon, fast running. I know I will be dropped on the bike but some of the competitors and the run is not long enough to catch them all but I will be doing my best to chase them down all the way to the finish line.

I decided to race a 5k last weekend to get back in racing mode before duathlon nationals. Grasshopper Bridge 5k was a local race several friends where running so I decided to give it a whirl. Since my post bike running has been going so well I decided to haul my bike with and ride about 10 miles before the race. I was a bit nervous driving over there since it was still dark (vision problems continue) but no traffic all freeway and the sun was coming up soon. Bike warm-up was beautiful through a nice neighborhood and chilly (left my long sleeve stripey in the car). I rode 10 mile put away the bike and jogged around a bit added some strides and got to the start line. I was estimating slow end 645 pace fast end 630 not were I want to be but it is the reality of where I am. Speed does not come back overnight! Our infamous Stripey shirts!

Photo: Allison DeLanceyDelaney and I in our stripeys at grasshopper 5k. Can't wait til she is racing with me

Several of the kids my son ran track with were running in the race, these kids are seriously fast. I assumed I would get passed by a few 10-12yr olds which I would handle by cheering them on. Sure enough 1/2 mile in one boy zipped past me (he is 10 and ran 18:40). I felt great in the cool weather first mile 6:26 not bad. Next mile another boy zipped past me, this time I stayed with him cheering him along. Mile 2 615 (impressive) pushed hard the last mile since I felt strong and nothing was hurting (626). i ran under the finish clock in 1955. Wow shocked I ran under 20 minutes. Very happy with results. Happy to see all the guys, gals I run with had finished ahead of me.

We had a nice cool down run on the course discussing the race, seems I was the only one really satisfied. I think as runners we are really hard on ourselves sometimes. I did not really know what to expect and was encouraged by the race. We took some pics and stayed for awards ceremony. As usually Bandidos swept the podium in top spots. Several of the girls beat the 1830 time they set and won $50 each. Later I found out it was the 5k State Championship and got a medal in the mail for being 1st Master. My friend JT won the Mens master. I always love those surprise awards.

Dana and I with our awards.

Dana and I with our awards.

Photo: Did not realize my race last wknd was state championship! I got 1st place masters medal in mail today. Love surprise awards!

I have been doing hot yoga 2x wk and strength train a min of 3x wk along with cycling and running. My goal is to make my body invincible. I have been able to incorporate more upper body work since my elbow is healed (after 9 long months). Here is a new thing we tried at the gym “the shifter” has you move on an unstable surface.

Photo: Workout fun on the shifter trying not to fall off. I love this thing. Followed by crazy adventure run with Susan Loken

Josh continues playing soccer for his school team. He is having a lot of fun but they have not won too many games, lots very close.My favorite long sleeve stripey shirt saved the day at last soccer game. The goalie needed a different shirt than the team and coach had not arrived at start of game. I pulled out Stripey and he was able to use that the first half.  Katherine has her new music for floor routine and choreography. She is practicing that routine all over the house and everywhere in public. Cant wait for her 1st meet in Nov.  We are actually all home a few nights a week for family dinners. It has been great to have some more family time and not be as busy as we were last year.

Katherine learning her new floor routine.

Katherine learning her new floor routine.

Josh soccer game for Tempe Prep

Josh soccer game for Tempe Prep

I look forward to Oct to enjoy some training in cooler weather, fine tuning for my race and celebrating my birthday! I am taking the kids to San Diego during fall break. I plan on some great beach runs and we are doing a race in Encintas.

I continue to struggle with finding the solution for my vision issues. I have been diagnosed with keracatonus and now it is a fine dance of getting the right custom-made contacts to work with my eyes. Everyday I am hopeful the solution is around the corner. The 1st set of contacts did not work, 2nd set was sent wrong from the lab (after 17 days of waiting) and this am the right lenses broke in half. I am thankful I can manage with my glasses but the side effects are less than ideal. I know I will have good news to report soon!

Watch for upcoming news about my new women’s elite running group!!! Cant wait to share.



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