Green Juice!

I have been making and drinking my “green juice” for over a year now and I truly love this stuff! It really gives me a ton of vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and veggies. Lately I have been taking my iron supplement with the juice since it has so much Vitamin C which helps the body absorb the iron!

I have the Omega 8003 juice extractor (bought off Amazon for  $179.00). 8003 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

I prefer to juice daily but don’t seem to have the time. I started making a bigger batch and drinking it over 2 days, that way I could still drink it daily.

Here is a picture of what I put in the juicer (minus 2 lemons):

lots of veggies and fruits

lots of veggies and fruits

Here is a list of what I put in the juicer I use all organic when possible:

1 cucumber

3 cups spinach

3 cups kale (or 6 giant leaves)

4 granny smith apples

2 large lemons (or 3 small)

big chunk of fresh ginger

6 carrots

6 stalks celery

lots of ice

green juice!

green juice!

Here is the finished product. Two tips would be lots of ice to keep it cold and lots of lemon (kills the greeny taste).

I have experimented with other juices but this is my favorite go to juice.

I did a 3 day juice cleanse last March see the full details here:



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  1. Zucchini Runner
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 18:11:27

    I don’t juice, but I have a Vitamix and I make veggie smoothies 3-4 times a week. I try to incorporate celery, carrots, cucumber or zucchini, an apple, cherries, pineapple and greens (kale or spinach). I also do the warm water with fresh lemon juice – LOVE that! If I’m brave I will add fresh ginger to the smoothie too. I need to do more research on juicing, but I feel like using the Vitamix would give me more calories and fiber – eating the whole plant versus just the juice. I’d be interested in your thoughts on that as well. Great post and I loved reading the 3-day juice cleanse.


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