Life is good, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Time just keeps flying by at the Camberg household!! School for the kids will be wrapping up soon and I can hardly believe it. On Thursday I woke at 4am to meet Susan to run and do a strength training class. The evening I dropped Katherine at gymnastics and  was enjoying one of Josh’s baseball games with the other parents, the sun was setting over the mountains team spirit was high (Yankee pedicures, blue hair coloring, team caps) a cool breeze was blowing and I thought Life is good! I am so blessed to have my wonderful husband and beautiful active kids! We have roses right outside our garage door and sometimes I literally stop the car, hop out and smell them.

I finished school May 8 and am proud to say all A’s again! This is definitely not what my report card looked like back in the day. I am so thrilled to have a college “do over” where I get to be the student I always visualized, outstanding athlete and student. I missed running track with my team this spring but did get to catch their regional meet. I also was surprised by and award from my coach for “Top runner of the year for all of the Region” (not just our school). These awards will hang in  a special spot on my wall to always remind me that dreams do come true!

I started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago for my continuing and annoying tennis elbow and my acute hamstring/glute issue that happened in April. Due to insurance I started at a new place, ahh time to tell my story all over again and bring more people into the village of “help Kerry qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials”. Treatment is going well, ASTYM on all areas and dry needling. The hamstring area has been black with bruise measuring over         1 foot for a couple of weeks now as well as my arm. I get alot of “what happened to you”. Followed by “you let them do that to you”. The ASTYM is not too terrible the dry needling in my elbow makes me sick to my stomach literally. 10 needles sticking out causing pain! I feel like we are working on 20+ years of scar tissue leftover from my broken arm in gymnastics.

Mother's day with my cuties!

Mother’s day with my cuties!

The good news is I have been able to start building mileage again. Ran 35 last week and about 40 this week. Mother’s day I had a terrifying experience!! I was running on the canal by my house when 2 dogs came out of nowhere bolting full speed at me. A pit bull and smaller dog, they were jumping all over me in excitement. My ipod was pulled off and chewed on. There was no one around and the dogs had no collars. I assumed they escaped from a yard. After several minutes of them playfully attacking me ( i was shaking). I started to run and they followed me. The dogs stopped to look at some ducks and I took off like crazy only to find them at my heels. Next I tried crossing the canal on a metal slatted bridge, they ran across the canal for a bit. Then they went over the pedestrian bridge and came back at me! Finally a couple of men on bikes came along and we heard someone yelling for dogs. We ran/biked the dogs to the voice. I was really pissed and scared to death from this experience so started talking to the irresponsible owner. He was yelling at me and slightly crazy so I decided to high tail it out of there! Glad to get me 10 miles in and have my ipod still work.

I was really excited to get a new camera for Mother’s Day, just in time for Josh’s Little League Playoff games! I have enjoyed taking photos and cant wait to learn more about the camera. They boys are #1 seed going into playoffs with 15-2 record. Final games are this week.

Playoff game #1 they won.

Playoff game #1 they won.

Yankees checking out the competition for their next game.

Yankees checking out the competition for their next game.

Of course have to get some photos of the gymnast too!

Nice split leap.

Nice split leap.

Splitting the beam. FYI this really hurts!

Splitting the beam. FYI this really hurts!

Josh had to take a break from running because of the increased heel pain, they diagnosed him with Sever’s and he is also going to physical therapy. Between the 2 of us we were at the office M-Th last week. He has had ASTYM twice on his heel, Achilles, and calf. I rub his back and let him squeeze my hand all while thinking am I helping him or am I crazy!!! He is feeling better and doing his exercises 2x day. This also helps me get my pt exercises in too.

I had a last-minute opportunity to run with another Oiselle Ambassador from NY City last week. Jocelyn reached out to me and we had a great run around Tempe Town Lake. I knew she was the girl when we both showed up in diamond roga shorts! They really are the best!!!!!

Diamond Roga Shorts by Oiselle.

Diamond Roga Shorts by Oiselle.

I am inspired to look up other Oiselle ladies during my travels this summer, hmm a girl in every port. Sounds fun.

I can already feel summer upon us!! Excited for traveling and finding some races to run. It does get scorching here but there are still some short races that are fun.

What are your summer racing plans????


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