Mountain to Fountain 15k

Katherine and me postrace.

Katherine and me postrace.

The Bandidos host an awesome race Mountain to Fountain. It is one of the most competitive races in AZ bringing many elites and prize money!! The race starts at McDowell Mountain Park and finishes at Fountain Hills (with the big fountain in the background). One of the big draws is the opportunity to run with a team and win your weight in beer.

The inaugural year of the race I was on a female masters team and we won, so I was selected to get on the teeter totter for the weighing for our team. Happy to say I weigh 5 cases of Kilt Lifter beer!! I often think about putting that on a medical record for my weight!

This year our team was going head to head with a strong mixed masters team from Flagstaff. It was going to require full effort on our part. I am happy to say we won! Ricardo was kind enough to get on the scale, we won 8 cases of Kilt Lifter to split.

My goal at the race was to finish under an hour. After last weeks hilly race I was not sure if it would be possible. There is something about seeing a certain time on the finishing clock that always inspires me. It seems I waited forever to see a 2 at the beginning of my finish time for a marathon. When I did I rejoiced!!!

We rode the buses to the start since it was point to point. There were even prizes given out on the bus. I got a $10 giftcard for a bagel place since I am a registered organ donor. The first prize of the day.

Beautiful surroundings for our warmup, wish I had photos. It was so fun to lineup with so many friends I know, one of the best things about this race. Shoes were triple knotted and tucked.

We headed out of the park with a slight incline before we would drop down for a few miles. I really pushed it on the downhill since I knew the uphill late in the race would require alot!!

I felt really good and had my eye on several women in front of me to catch or hopefully pass! At one point I caught another master runner Kristine around mile 6. We started to head up hill side by side when we passed a couple younger guys. There was an audible groan as we “chicked” them. I could not help shouting “great job guys by the way we are both over 40”. I heard later that was the kick in the butt one guy needed to get going.

Mile 7-8 was all uphill. I was just trying to hold it together so I could go under an hour. I started closing the gap on another masters lady my friend Kate. Just when I almost got her we had another hill and she was able to surge ahead. I was really happy to be this close to her since she is running really strong right now.

The last mile I really fought for it. As I headed down the straight away to the finish I could see the fountain going. Crap it goes off every hour so I must have missed the hour mark. Not sure how exact the timing is on the fountain I gave it everything I had and finished in 59:48. Woo Hoo I did it!!

Infamous fountain in the background

Infamous fountain in the background

My family was there to see it happen. Usually I am looking for them as I run it in but this time I just surged ahead. The kids were really proud since I told them my goal but also let them know it was going to be really tough to get it.

3 of my team members had already finished so we anxiously awaited results to see if we would win the mixed masters team. We Won!!! Ricardo got on the scale and scored us 8 cases of beer (to be split between the team). I also won a Gift Certificate to Sole Sports for my placing!! 3 prizes so far.

Ricardo on the teeter totter weighing in for the beer.

Ricardo on the teeter totter weighing in for the beer.



Josh ran in the kids race, 3 loops equaling roughly 1500 meters. He finished 1st with one boy on his heels. He got a free kids meal at Chipolte.

Josh lining up for the kids race.

Josh lining up for the kids race.

Winning prizes: Bagels, Beer, Burritos and Shoes!!

All in all it was a fun day. We enjoyed hanging out at the park after the race.


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