Run for Ryan House

Last weekend I got to race in one of my favorite races, Run for Ryan House. The Ryan House offers respite care for families with children that have life threatening conditions. They are one of my husbands clients and we have a friends that utilizes the services offered at Ryan House. My husband and son have done the race the past 2 years. This was my 1st year and 3 of us ran (Katherine had 4hr gymnastics practice).

The night before the race my bedroom was taken over by my daughter and husband with globe, atlas and smart phone! They were discussing all the great places to travel in the world. Ok awesome conversation and I could not break up the bonding but; seriously people we have to get up at 5am for a race tomorrow!

World travel wannabes planning their adventures.

World travel wannabes planning their adventures.

The alarm sounded early as usual. I woke up Josh and the 3 of us piled in the car for a drive across town. The 5k started 1st so I got to see Kevin and Josh off at the start.

start of 5k run

start of 5k run

I decided to warmup just a bit more since my start was not for 15 more minutes. I heard the announcer call “5 more minutes” then I heard the gun go off. Was that the start?? I ran over and hopped into he race asking fellow runners if this was the 10k? After confirmation I started trying to make my way to the front of the pack. I was pretty close to the lead female, Samanatha Meyerhoff when I felt my shoe getting really loose. Oh no I forgot to triple knot and tuck laces. I had to stop and retie the shoe as it was going to fall off my foot. It was in a knot too. Yikes it seemed like everyone was passing me by and the clock was ticking. All in all it was about 20 seconds.

This all happened in the 1st mile. In over 8 years of racing I have never missed the start of a race. I decided to practice my “keep calm” skills. I made a plan to try to catch her by mile 4. There were orange cones marking the course so I was using those and my Garmin to track my progress. I was closing in with just a few seconds behind her when a big hill came. The closing in stopped! The gap did not seem to widen too much.

This hill seemed huge and my legs were dying! It was a great training run trying to get up this hill and catch Samantha. I was also closing in on a guy up ahead. I focused on catching him first. Around mile 5.5 I could tell I would not be catching Sam, but I did catch the guy. He seemed impressed that I was passing him at a pretty good clip this late in the race. There was a nice downhill finish so I felt strong there.

I learned to take race morning a bit more serious, it is way too hard to work your way through a pack of people. As for my shoe, that was a rookie mistake! All in all a great training race and I worked hard. I placed 2nd overall and 1st master and 1st age group. If I was going to be beat by anyone I would love to have it be Samantha Meyerhoff!

Josh and Kevin were waiting for me at the finish. I had a quick cooldown before awards began. Josh was the FIRST CHILD to finish by a long shot but somehow on the results there was an 8yr old listed finishing just a bit in front of Josh. As I mentioned there was no physical child in front so someone must have done a bib switch around. Either way Josh ended up with 2nd place medal and was really upset about it. He has won the child division 2yrs in a row and was looking for a 3 peat. It was a good opportunity to talk to him about someone being dishonest and also “why we run”. Not for the medals.

Kevin 3rd place age group award.

Kevin 3rd place age group award.

Kevin got 3rd age group in 23:27

Josh with his "2nd" place award

Josh with his “2nd” place award

Josh ran 21:28

Kerry ran 40:24

On the medal stand with Sam, me and Katie Ellis. 3 fast chicks.

On the medal stand with Sam, me and Katie Ellis. 3 fast chicks.

Camberg podium sweep!

Camberg podium sweep!

It was a fun morning and we all got a medal which was pretty exciting! We knew just what to do with them!

Ryan House Run medals

Ryan House Run medals

Our friend Jared was unable to attend since he was ill. He has stayed at Ryan House multiple times over the years. I drove over to his house and presented him with a race t-shirt and all the medals! I think it made his day!

Josh and Jared at the zoo several years ago!

Josh and Jared at the zoo several years ago!


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