Meeting of the fast girls!

A couple of weeks back several of us local fast girls met to discuss qualifying for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. Many of us already train together and some are new but we all share the common goal. We had a great afternoon discussing our goal and how best to make it come true. We span in ages from 28-43 (me being the oldest). Experienced marathoners and fast 5kers. We decided on having as many of us run California International Marathon in Dec 2013 as an initial attempt. I am really excited about training with this group. We all bring different things that will help each other. It will be an amazing journey. Look for more to follow as we work on a name and try to gain some sponsorship for our group.

Meeting of the fast girls planning our 2016 OTQ.

Meeting of the fast girls planning our 2016 OTQ.

This past weekend I raced in the Runners Den 10k. I have only done 1 other 10k in my life. How odd is that?? In the past I raced lots of triathlons and not too many running races. My goal was simply to start around 645 pace and speed up each mile, all while experiencing no pain in my hamstring. I think I have finally reached the maturity level to reign in my competitive spirit when necessary. I trusted I would stick with my plan otherwise I would not have raced. Mile 1 was a bit fast so I slowed down a bit. This pace was feeling way too easy but I remembered the goal: happy hamstrings. I focused on my form, driving my knees and pulling my shoulders back a bit this seems to feel good when I can do it. Around mile 4 I caught up to a guy and paced with him a bit. We turned a corner into the wind and I dropped behind him ever so slightly. Well he did not like that and stepped out-of-the-way! It seemed to really annoy me and so I just took off leaving the 2oish guy in the dust. There was a turnaround at mile 5 and since I had been feeling good I decided to just pick it up and see how I felt. I caught up to the next girl and then really bolted to the finish so she could not catch me. I finished feeling strong and fast! This race was not near times I am capable of running when I am fit but it is the 1st race on my journey to qualifying for the Olympic Trials.

Miles splits:

637, 645, 635, 626,625,608 final time 40:40 avg pace 6:28

Josh and I Runner's Den Road Race.

Josh and I Runner’s Den Road Race.

I finished 4th female and 3rd Master (my 40+ friends are fast). Josh finished 3rd in his age group (fast friends also). We love having fast friends to run with to make us faster.

Josh raced the 5k before my event. He insisted on not wanting to eat or drink anything that morning “it will give me a stomach ache” (hmmm wonder where he gets that from, not me). I strongly encouraged him to have some juice at minimum. We met a few other boys from the running club he has being running with (when he can). The boys are just a year older and great training partners. He had a strong race but was very mad (at me) for making him drink something since he had a side ache. He did not run a PR for the first time so was very annoyed. I decided to warmup knowing he would cool off shortly. He still ran 20:11.

my  speedy son.

my speedy son.

Another note about the family, Katherine has been working really hard to get her kip. It is a mount on the bars. She has lots of rips on her hands (when the callous rips the skin off in case you were not a gymnast in your former life). She finally made it last week so I took her out to celebrate after practice.

Katherine celebrating getting her kip with Gold Medal ice cream.

Katherine celebrating getting her kip with Gold Medal ice cream.

My goal in Jan was to incorporate a lot of strength training and Bikram Yoga 1-2x per week. I think I was about 65% of my goal. Busy schedules, sick kids, life gets in the way. I am going to keep working toward 100% commitment for my strength training and yoga goals. I know it is what keeps me strong  and healthy for my running.

Do you have any running goals? Life goals? Nutrition goals, etc?? I would love to hear about them and your progress!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thethinksicanthink
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 02:05:16

    Running goals = not be scared of training a bit harder and pushing myself a little bit more, maybe some longer/harder workouts and not taking my long runs so slow (I am the queen of the long slow distance run but I need to run them at a tiny bit better of a clip). I’d love a sub 3:35 at the Eugene Marathon in April, but going from 3:42 to 3:35 will be hard!

    Nutrition goals – I’d like to eat less dessert, but that is always the goal.

    I made a goal to do one non-running workout (spin, barre class, yoga) a week at the beginning of 2013 and I’m doing pretty well at that. I want to keep up with barre method classes as I think the strengthening will help me but not make me too sore for running.


    • kerrycamberg
      Feb 06, 2013 @ 02:09:27

      I love the goals. Don’t be scared to drop 7minutes off your marathon. When I wanted to qualify for the 2012 trials I had to drop 25 minutes (never once did I doubt myself). I only dropped 23minutes but wow was it close. You just gotta believe!!


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