New year new goals!!

The chaos of the holiday is finally over and we are settling back into a nice routine this week! I have been wanting to blog about some of my goals, resolutions, ideas for 2013!

#1 Qualify for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. I was so close for 2012 I have to go for it again. The standards have changed and the unofficial time goal is 2:43:00. This is perfect since I feel my possibility is around 2:42. If the rumors are true and the qualifying window opens this fall then I will most likely run California International Marathon in Dec. Next weekend Coach John is meeting with several of us girls that want to qualify to see how we can train, race and support each other together on this journey. I am so excited to work on this goal with other female runners. Look for an update after the get together.

#2 Building a strong foundation/pyramid for my running. I plan on achieving this goal by emphasizing strength, core, yoga type training to complement my running. If I don’t have time for it then I should not bother running since I will only end up injured! I met with Dr john Ball in Dec and he has me on an exercise program for my hamstrings. Today I met with Nicole my physical therapist to get a runners tune-up. She identified some areas that are locked up or not moving correctly. i received some exercises today to start working on. I am going to meet with her 1x per week for a few weeks to keep myself on track (or to keep myself honest).

#3 Tweaking dietary intake to achieve maximum health benefits.  has been an issue for me for a few years so I don’t usually eat more than 1 serving of cheese per day. I have decided to go vegan during January and see how it impacts my health. I got an awesome gift for Christmas from my husband to help with all the cooking, a Vitamix. I have used it at least once per day since Christmas. This machine rocks the house!!!  Raw cashew chocolate milk is my favorite. I am continuing to drink at least 20 ounces of green juice per day. My green juice has kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley, green apples, lemon, ginger,celery and tastes super yummy. It is really health in a glass!!!!

#4 Balance and patience. Dec is a long way off so I need to stay focused on healthy running and building miles but most importantly not burning out. John and I have talked about my goals for this year and I look forward to running some PR’s in the 5k, 10k and half marathon.

Josh has started practicing (when he can) with a running club for kids age 10-14 yrs old and he absolutely loves it! Last weekend he was going to do another 5k but after a long week of running, basketball, and flag football he had some very sore muscles. Sat night I was checking him out and decided he could not race the next day since he was limping around and his hamstring and calf muscles were very sore. He was really upset and I tried my best to convey the message that great runners don’t race injured.

 I enjoyed taking classes last fall at MCC so much that I signed up for a couple courses in the spring. My favorite will be the sports nutrition.

Running, strength training, yoga has all been consistent so far this year (yes we are only 10 days in but it is a good start).


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