New Years Eve

Our holiday season was bustling with activity. I just barely managed to get a run in each day along with my important hamstring exercises. Luckily with my sister in-law Carren in town I had some extra motivation to go to Bikram Yoga Mesa and prepare green juice everyday.

It seems once school ended the rest of the year was a blur with shopping, holiday events, sports practices, relatives visiting. We had a great time hosting many meals, game nights and a 50th patent party for my brother (yes that is right he just got his 50th (fifty) patent. My sister in-law Carren and I always spend tons of time in the kitchen whipping up gluten free feasts. This year I got an awesome present from my sweetheart, a VITAMIX. We have been using it everyday.

Louie's 50th patent party

Louie’s 50th patent party

Gluten free pineapple upside down cake made by Carren.

Gluten free pineapple upside down cake made by Carren.


Last month I had heard about the Midnight Madness Run on New Years Eve and thought it would be fun. I presented the idea to the family and got lots of YES YES let’s do that race. This would be our 4th family race this year and a great way to ring in the New Year. I am by no way in racing shape so just have to let that go and have fun. We made a stop by the dollar store for some fun hats, lightup items and horns. Also a great time to try out my new Christmas gift from my brother (no he did not invent these).

Nothing says party like gold "schwings" on your shoes.

Nothing says party like gold “schwings” on your shoes.

My party runners! Katherine ran the entire race with her crown.

My party runners! Katherine ran the entire race with her crown.

New Years Eve with Father Time.

New Years Eve with Father Time.

As we prepared to leave for the race I checked the forecast, 39 degrees for the start of the race. I piled jackets, gloves, hats in the car and made some hot cocoa in the thermos. They were serving chili postrace.

It was really fun and surreal to run through the streets in the dark. I always run a bit slower when I can’t see where I am going. I was a bit worried about the kids running on their own. At the half way turn around it was great to see them running and screaming “go mommy”.

I could see one other pony tail bobbing up front so knew there was another female somewhere up ahead, not my day to try to chase anyone down (just here to have fun). I was 1st in my age group and 2nd female in time of 19:07 for 3 miles. It is crazy to think that is really my marathon pace!

Josh came in next around 20:54 then we missed my husband. I was getting worried when I did not see Katherine, hoping she was not lost in the dark. Then around the corner came the crown wearing princess bolting to the finish. I was curious what happened since she ran quite a bit slower. Oh mom I met a friend at the start line from Rhode Island and so we ran, laughed and talked the whole race. Now that is my idea of a good time.

We drank hot cocoa, ate chili and shivered while waiting for awards.

A case of post race giggles in the cold.

A case of post race giggles in the cold.

I wanted one last photo with the medals and my husband was shivering as he took this picture. The kids and I got a case of the giggles maybe from the craziness of it all. They fell asleep on the drive home after I promised we could do it next year.

Have a wonderful New Year. The sky is the limit set your goals high and you never know what you may achieve!


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