Finally sub 19!

My goal this fall is to run a sub 18 minute 5k. I had 6 months off from running this year and now am back 4 months. I hit a stepping stone this week at the Thunderbird Classic our home meet. I ran 18:36 average pace 6:02. My splits were 555,608,610.

MCC girls team before the race

I was excited to have my coach from last year John Reich watching. When I arrived at the race I saw Priscilla Schultz, we did some running together last year. I knew her 5k time could smoke mine so I did not plan on staying with her. Race critique time; I wonder if I went out too fast?? I liked at the AACA that I negative split the course. My main goal at this race was to run under 19 minutes. After the 1st mile I adjusted my pace a bit attempting to get around 605. 2nd mile felt good and even tempo. I ran pretty much alone the last mile of the race. There was 1 girl from Dine’ College that I passed with a mile to go and the only other runner was way ahead (great job Priscilla 17:48!). I definitely think if I had another runner closer I could have been a little faster. I race people better than clocks.

Coach John and me after Thunderbird Classic

I am proud I did not look at my watch to see where I was at and just kept pushing. My Garmin gave me a nice surprise when I finished in 18:36!! Given the varying nature of cross-country courses and this one being flat I had a huge PR.

There was barely time to cooldown for 1 mile and my hamstring was kind of sore. Katherine would be competing in minutes over at Chandler HS so I jumped in the car and raced over to her meet hoping not to miss any events. I ran my sweaty self into the meet still in uniform (minus the obscenely small shorts which I changed in the parking lot) and arrived with a couple of minutes to spare. I am so grateful to my friend Tawna that had Katherine over night and brought the girls to the meet.

Katherine & Megan Classic Rock Meet. Megan got 1st all-around!

I was really excited about my PR but my enthusiasm diminished as Katherine had a “rough scoring”meet. She seemed to do better than other meets but got scored lower (makes me glad I run against the clock). Very proud that she shook it off and started to focus on her next meet.

Kevin and Josh were able to join us mid-meet straight from his football game. The Aztecs had a rough day too, a lot to zero was the report on the score (Aztecs being 0).

One of the reasons I have my kids in sports is for all the life lessons and experiences they receive. I always remind them to soak in the glory and enjoy it. Also, that we often learn more from performances that did not go as well then those that we did well in. I try to learn 3 things from every race.

I am heading to Fullerton, CA later this week for our next race. Regionals is on Oct 30 and Nationals is Nov 10. I am really busy with multiple projects in every class but trying to soak it all in. My stint as a collegiate athlete will be coming to an end soon and I want to enjoy every minute.

Goal in Fullerton, practice getting out in a larger race and positioning myself, running with the competition, staying strong until the end.


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  1. thethinksicanthink
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 23:18:40

    Awesome! So impressed! I’m still gunning for sub-21 one day, although putting that on hold until after the NYC marathon.

    Tell Katherine that “underscoring” happens sometimes and a lot has to do in where you fall in the rotation line-up (ie first person of first rotation often underscored compared to last person of last rotation). Shawn Johnson was underscored a lot at Beijing Olympics compared to how she was scored at worlds the previous year. And, as a personal example, at Level 5 states, I was first up on beam in the first rotation, had the best routine of the meet, but then a girl with a lot of wobbles who was in the 3rd rotation tied my score! I was still co-state beam champion so I couldn’t really complain. 🙂 Gymnastics is a wonderful sport though! Tell her good luck!

    On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 5:56 PM, kerrycamberg


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