Grand Canyon Invite, football mania & kicks on RT66

This week our renters moved out of our old house on Sun and we cleaned, remodeled and staged the house. We had it on the market by Thurs night. Then let the chaos of the weekend begin. We had a Camberg triathlon on Saturday. Almost had to bust out my Wonder Woman costume this week (well it is almost Halloween).  I ran in the Grand Canyon Univ Invite Sat in Goodyear. Josh had a football game in Awhautkee Foothills. Then we all raced home for a quick shower hopped in the car and drove to Flagstaff for Katherine’s gymnastics meet, Route 66 Classic. Luckily we had planned to stay the night in Flagstaff and have a little fun on Sunday.

Before I get started I just have to share some photos my friend Flash put together from GCU.

GCU invite 1st jr college, 13th overall

So cool that he did these! It was an awesome race with over 100 women, mostly Div 1&2 schools. I was really happy to place in front of so many of the Div 1&2 girls (especially at my age). I have to say it does make me wonder “what if” I ran in college 25 years ago.

Our team beat Pima Community College and the girls were all really excited about it.

girls celebrating the win over Pima

The race was a 2 loop course with a sizeable mountain in the middle that we had to do twice. We did have a nice downhill too. I was hoping to break 19, ran 19:12. I was happy with that. This Sat we have our home meet, nice flat grassy course I think there is an 18 in the near future!

I have no photos from Josh’s game since I was not there. They were short a few players and a few boys got minor injuries during the game. Josh played really strong. Unfortunately no win for the Aztecs this week. Yesterday his flag football team won and he had an amazing catch that bounced off another players hands. I realized today between the 2 teams he has 2-3 games and 4-6 practices a week!

We had a great time at the Route 66 classic. Flagstaff is one of my favorite towns to visit. Katherine had a tough time on the beam, she had a fall on an easy jump and was pretty wobbly. There were some tears after that event. As her mother I just wanted to give her a hug and offer her encouragement for the next events (I stayed put). She went on to floor and vault and improved her scores. So proud of her for grace and confidence to continue on at the meet. Her age level had a Gold Medal Gym sweep on bars, they took all podium positions and the girls were so cute embracing the excitement of it all. They also won the entire meet.

Amanda Borden giving some last minute advice, Katherine is in the back with her game face on!

Gold Meal level 4 wins 1st place!

The next day we drove the kids all through the NAU campus (just planting seeds, even though we are die-hard Sun Devils at our house). Then we stopped off in Slide Rock near Sedona and I soaked in the 60 degree water. My hamstring were thankful.


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