Conference Meet

Friday we ran in the ACCAC Cross Country Championship race; essentially our conference meet. I knew we would be facing Central Arizona Community College for the 1st time and they have a very strong team that is highly ranked. There were definitely going to be some tough competitors. I don’t have a lot of experience running cross-country so chatted with my friend Flash and our coach to come up with a race day strategy.

I had heard their team liked to run in a pack and would probably want me to lead. My plan was to stay tucked in right behind them and let them dictate the pace. The pace went out slow (as I suspected) and they formed a circle around me with about 6 team members.

sticking with the pack of Central girls

I was proud that I stuck with the plan despite the pace feeling really slow. I knew when I made my move I would need to fully commit and hammer it because they would be on me, and I was not sure how many of them would go but suspected 2. Just before 2.5 miles we were rounding a corner and I dropped the hammer and let loose. I had no idea how close she was but could sometimes see 1 shadow. I only had about 100meters to go and there was a small hill then turn into finish line. I believe she caught up to me right after the hill and I did my best surge to try to get her. I guess my 42-year-old legs were no match for the kick of a teenager. I will be working on that now!

Still leading before the hill with 100 meters to go.

Kerry, Taylor, Bekah the conference team awards

Susan Loken, Carrie Weldy with some of our team.

Monsoon Madness meet with her 3 medals!

Saturday we run at the Grand Canyon Invite the I hop in the car swing by the house pick up Kevin and Josh (hopefully back from football game ) and drive Katherine to Flagstaff for a gymnastics meet. Whew. I will be sure and post pictures from that weekend.


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