Chasing down a Wildcat!

It was another whirlwind week at the Camberg household; cross-country, gymnastics, flag football, tackle football, etc! I had a midweek meltdown with my online class. I love taking Sports Nutrition but the online work was brutal this week. I had an online quiz to take for a chapter and it was 110 questions. I wanted to get it done Thursday night because I was going to be in Tucson for the meet Friday and we had a busy weekend. The quiz listed 110 questions and timed to allow 4 hours. It took me 3 hours and 10 minutes. I had an extremely sore neck (thanks to Katherine for bringing me warm pads for my neck), was starving and totally cranky when I finished. I had steam coming off my head and was applying all my effort. I hit enter upon completion and my score 85%! Yuck, I can’t believe I did not get an A. Josh commented that he had never seen me work so hard. This sent me into a panic about if I can really handle 12 credits, running on cross-country team along with my regular life that was pretty busy already. By Friday am I had a better perspective and created a plan to conquer it all.

I was very excited to head to Tucson to race with the UofA Wildcats in the Dave Murray Invitational. I am an ASU alumni so placing in front of a Wildcat would give me great pleasure. My goal was to go out harder than last week and hang on as long as I could with the front pack. I was hoping for a time around 18:30 since the course was only 3 miles. I also wanted to be 1st jr college finisher.

Its not about how we do, its about how we look!

The course was grassy rolling hills in a golf course. I was hoping the adductor would not bother me during or after the race. Our team was excited at the start line and ready to race! The gun went off and I burst onto the course to chase down the leaders. It was about half mile in to the race and the lead girls were about 50 yds ahead of me and I was running around 535 pace. There was a nice headwind and I was wishing I could be up closer to the pack instead of by myself fighting the wind. First mile was 555. Around the 1.5 mile mark I passed a couple Grand Canyon Univ. girls hoping not to see them again. Our boys team was out cheering on the course, “yelling go Mom”. I found myself in the similar position as the last race no one close enough in front of me to catch and no one running right behind me. Fatigue set in by the 2 mile mark and I did my best to stay focused on closing the gap to catch a U of A runner (not knowing there were 2 behind me). I was not able to catch her but definitely got close, another 1/2 mile and I probably would have caught her.

Beginning of the race in front of 2 UofA girls.

My time was 19:01 but given the course (hills and wind) I was very happy with the result. I went through the finishing chute and turned around to see who was behind me; 2 girls in U of A uniforms. Yes I had beat 2 Wildcats! I walked over to the girls to congratulate them. I really wanted to say “Great race and by the way I am 42 with 2 kids”.

Me and Bekah after the race, she took 1 minute off her time from last week! Smokin fast.

Our girls team ran strong and we finished 3rd team, and 1st Jr College. I felt great with no pain anywhere, YEAH. Another highlight was meeting Team USA Olympic Marathoner Abdi Abdirahman. I spoke to him briefly and told him I watched him race in Houston at the Trials.

Me with USA Olympic Marathoner Abdi Abdirahman

Here is a link to an article recapping our race:

Planning to hit it hard this week, next race is Sept 28. My mom gave me this cool picture this summer, made by Isabel Bloom.

It says “and when I started running I started dreaming”


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  1. Anne King
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 13:05:27

    Great Job Kerry. Keep up the good work. It’s nice to see your kids are supporting you through the struggle of balancing all of this.


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