1st week of school

My 1st week of school had a range of emotions: nervous, excited, overwhelmed and joy. The last time I was in a college classroom was 1999 working on my Masters Degree at University of Phoenix surrounded by other working professionals during night classes. Now daytime classes surrounded by mainly 18-20 year old students. I always look at new experiences as a place to learn and I know my classmates will teach me some lessons (how to be more laid back, what constitutes fashion, etc.)

I had the option to take whatever I wanted. I just needed to fulfill the 12 credit requirement. My kids and I had fun pouring over the class offerings. Josh liked the Japanese Swordmanship and Katherine wanted to take the Fashion Design courses. I had trouble deciding what to take there were so many great choices, especially in the Exercise Science Department. I took the high road following my interest not going for the easy classes. Here is my class schedule:

MWF 11-1150 Preventing and Treating Athletic Injuries (YEAH)

T/Th 9-1015 Cardio Fitness Physiology and Training Techniques (we get to go outside and do lab stuff)

T/TH 12-115 Intro to Exercise Physiology

Online-Sports Nutrition (starts Sept 4)

I really enjoyed sitting in class last week reviewing the syllabi to see what I would be learning this semester. I got a bit worried about the mention of a 5-7 page research paper. It has been a long time since I have done research (can we say micro fiche), written a paper and a bibliography. Katherine told me she would help make sure my bibliography was correct. I look forward to doing the 2 research article projects. The problem is I have about 50 topics I would love to research. I hope to narrow it down and get approval this week.

I would like to share one classroom experience from last week. In my Athletic Injury Prevention class we have many athletes; cross-country, soccer, football and basketball players. I got to work on an in class project with several football players. At one point I was thinking I can’t believe I am sitting in class next to a guy with a knit cap, gold teeth, and pants belted just above his knee. There should be some rule that I don’t have to see ALL of someones underwear in class. How do you walk when your pants are belted around your knees???

Practice was great this week. We had a time trial on Saturday at MCC and ran our home course. A few MCC alum showed up to run with us and one special lady Sam Meyerhoff helped keep me paced the 1st half of the race. My friend Flash had helped me select some racing shoes for this fall Brooks Mach 14 spikeless. I loved putting these babies to the test. I passed a few of the guys and was hunting down Dallas near the end but just could not quite pass him. I am glad we ran with the guys because I feel I do better when I am chasing after someone. It ended up being just a bit short 3.01 (my Garmin). My time was 19:18 pace 6:23 which would adjust out to about 19:48. I was hoping to be under 1930. My pacing was 615,625,630 ouch can I say dying off!!

MCC girls after time trial

Me and Sam Meyerhoff, thanks for pacing me the 1st half!

Our fall schedule can be found here http://athletics.mesacc.edu/cross-country/schedule. The first meet is Sept 8 Artichoke Invitational hosted by Scottsdale Community College.

Saturday was  a marathon day for our family. I woke at 415am  for my time trial. I rushed home after the time trial grabbed some food, water and fresh clothes (no shower yet) and drove to Josh’s scrimmage football games in east Chandler. Me and several moms worked hard with misting, wet towels and water bottles to keep the boys hydrated. It was insanely hot and humid and they had full football gear on. Josh was having a blast. I felt like I was working an Ironman aid station for 2 hours. With the game almost wrapped up and boys hydrated I rushed home again. I had a super fast lunch and shower. Next up Katherine’s gymnastics meet. While the girls warmed up we parents had a meeting about the competition season. Kevin and I had so much fun watching the kids do their sports. I always want to run out their and do flips and bar routines. The gymnastics meet was almost 4 hours (no awards ceremony which will add 1 more hour). Luckily I brought a cooler with food and drinks to keep my appetite at bay. Arrived home about 430pm and proceeded to battle a computer issue for an hour (really???).  We planned on heading to the school BBQ dropping off Katherine to meetup with her friends and heading to dinner for a quick date (Josh was at a bday party then arriving at the BBQ). Once I saw all the families at the BBQ I felt guilty about leaving. Since I have multiple food allergies and had not planned we grabbed a quick bite of Mexican and came back to the BBQ. We arrived home about 8pm completely exhausted but full of adrenaline. I am not sure how I can keep up this pace but will have fun trying.

Josh getting a big drink to cool off.

Josh ready to play

Love Camberg #7

Warming up for beam, love the slicked back hair.

Post meet posing with her friend Megan

After reviewing my training and knowing how I train best (someone chasing me down or someone to chase) I decided to do my speed workouts with the boys this week. I am feeling the need to dial in my training a bit more and get a little extra edge before our next race. I will report on the changes next week.


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  1. thethinksicanthink
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 01:47:03

    This makes me miss competition leos and scrunchies!

    I hope you share some of what you learn this semester!


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