Keeping it honest with my Garmin

I am slowly regaining my speed but still have away to go. When I am running intervals and hitting 6:30 pace it still feels pretty difficult, hard to believe I ran a marathon at a faster pace. I keep focusing on quality workouts and feeling recovered between runs. I realize I was pretty spoiled last year often having someone to do my faster paced runs with and we could push each other. I am in the lead of the girls and a few guys on the team. There are some guys that are a bit faster and as I ramp back up fully hopefully I can find a good match for my speed. I am using my Garmin to help keep me honest for now. It has been really hot and some humidity so it is easy to back off just a bit. If I allow that to happen it will take longer to get my speed back.

I am still getting used to our training workouts with timed intervals vs. distance (such as mile repeats). I feel like I am not pushing myself as hard. I plan on giving it another week and maybe I will setup my Garmin a bit different. I just feel like I am not sure exactly where my speed is at and want to be able to compare my progress from week to week.

My friend Susan Loken is coming to join me at practice on Thursday, I can’t wait. We did so many workouts together last year and she really helped me to improve.

On Sunday my friend Ron held a viewing party to watch the Women’s Olympic Marathon. He has a theater room in his basement so we were treated to a royal viewing! Luxurious leather arm-chair recliners, surround sound speakers and the biggest tv I have ever seen. I was surrounded by my fellow Bandido runners. A girl could not ask for a better setup. What a thrill it was to see Shalane Flannigan and Kara Goucher, sadly Desiree Davilia had to drop out due to injury. I remember watching her in Houston at the trials and she looked so strong. I was glad she got to the start line and ran a bit. We wrapped up the viewing with cake for Ron’s birthday (gluten-free pancakes for me).

We are enjoying the Olympics especially now that track and field started. It is amazing to see all the talented athletes. Josh is already trying to figure out what distance he wants to race. I am thankful for my DVR so I can record and watch while fast forwarding!

I was planning on doing my strength and core exercises while the kids were at sports. At the last-minute I had to drive Josh to football. Once I arrived i figured I could take off my sandals and doing some exercises in the park amongst the mosquitos under the blaring sun. I decided to skip it tonight and run errands before heading back to gymnastics. I must be getting soft!

The rest of this week is projected to be near highs of 111-115. When I dropped Josh off at football this evening I am amazed to see 7 teams of kids playing football in this heat. I guess in AZ if you want to play football there is not much choice. I am glad I was elected to go to gymnastics and be in the a/c watching Katherine while Kevin swelters in the heat with Josh. On the way to gymnastics I stopped at Target to get a few more school supplies and rolling backpack. Katherine’s school is being remodeled and there are no lockers. Her backpack & lunchbox weighed 22lbs, she only weighs 79lbs so not a good combo! I strolled by the grocery aisle and wondered if anyone would notice me if I laid down to enjoy the coolness and take a quick nap.


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