Official start to cross country season!

This week marked our official start to cross country season at Mesa Community College (MCC). We have been practicing “condtioning” for a couple months. During the long spring as I was recovering from the adductor strain I kept focusing on the fall when I would be taking classes and running on the team. I knew our lives would be going full speed with all the activities. I seem to do best with a busy schedule and juggling multiple things.

Here is how our fall is lining up:

Katherine- competitive gymnastics team 3 x 3.5 hrs per week, a full season of meets, starting school at Tempe Prepartory Academy

Joshua-tackle football currently 5xweek for a bit over 2 hrs, flag football team at school, attending Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Kevin-busy at work with a key employee on maternity leave and some travel

I went on Google and made a master calendar with practices, games, meets, school schedules (the kids have totally different schedules) and felt quite proud and overwhelmed at the same time. Some days I drive 70 miles getting everyone where they need to go. I am going to work on getting more carpooling.  Kevin commented that you can put all you want on the calendar but that does not mean you can do it all! Hmm good point. My secret weapon to help me succeed is Katherine. She started doing meal planning and took over alot of cooking and baking for me this summer (her idea). It has been wonderful experience for her and awesome for me. I love the other day after she made gluten free vegan muffins and veggie chili I said I would help her clean up. She said “no mom I got it you go rest since you get up so early to run”. When I get near the kitchen and she is cooking she practically kicks me out because she wants to do it herself. Can I scream “I love it”. Cooking for a family with multiple food allergies and half of us vegetarians is no easy task. She has made some wonderful recipes, vegan lentil mushroom burgers, golden beet salad and the list goes on. Maybe one day she will become a chef!

Running this week:

Sun-strength and core

Mon-7 miles 10 min steady 10 min fast strength and core

Tues- 6 miles on the trail with Susan love hammering out the finish in sub 7 minute pace strength and core

Wed-8 easy miles at Freestone Park nice avg pace of 7:43 core workout

Thurs-almost 9 miles intervals 5,4,3,2,2,3,4,5 all with 1 min rest up and down hills the entire time at the park (felt a bit depleted after that and decided to slam down my 16oz green juice not the best idea)

Fri-Elliptigo cross training 90 minutes strength and core

Sat-Kiwanis park 10 miles

We have been loving watching the Olympic gymnastics. It is a great time to work on my core, foam rolling or strength. I admit one day I was so exhausted I just laid on the floor and proceeded to fall asleep. Sunday my daughter had an Olympic viewing party and local tv channel broadcast from her gym, super fun. One of the coaches and owner is Amanda Borden from the 1996 gold medal team. It was so fun to see all the team girls flipping, playing and having a blast. I would have loved to do something like this at her age. In fact when I watch her practices I have to control myself from running out there and doing flips. I really miss being a gymnast!!

Olympic viewing party at Gold Medal Gymnastics

Amanda Borden giving the girls some tips.

A real Olympic gold medal from Atlanta 1996

I cannot wait to see the Track and Field starting Friday. My heart still breaks for those people I know that did not make the team, especially Lauren Fleshman. You can read her view from being on the bench at her blog it made me tear up. She is in Hawaii enjoying herself, good place to be.

Lauren, Katherine, and I dinner out on the town in March

Lauren, Andrew Wheating and other members of Oregon Track Club having an impromtu jam session during a BBQ in our backyard. Watch for Andrew Wheating in the Olympics starting this Friday.I am rambling a bit today but have been wanting to blog and time keeps getting away from me. The new laptop my husband got me is a huge help (best husband ever). The next few days we are watching 3 other kids and then Katherine starts school Monday. Last night it felt like the calm before the storm! We are heading to  Bounce U Friday for some bouncing fun.


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  1. Carrie Weldy
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 21:38:38

    Go Kerry! Can’t wait to follow you with your xcountry team!


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