Totally Trials! Totally excited!

This photo is from Mt Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff, we climbed to 11,000 feet (not the top).

Prehike latte at Macy’s Coffee Shop in Flagstaff, the best!!!!!!!

My husband and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary. I am so blessed to have such a loving and supportive husband. Without his support last year I could not have come close to reaching my goal of qualifying for the trials. We have had many great adventures, happy times and good memories together. We were able to go on a short weekend trip to Flagstaff. One of our favorite things to do together is go hiking and explore new trails (we often get lost losing the trail entirely). Mt Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff is also home to Snow Bowl skiing in the winter. It was a very steep hike starting at 9300 ft and peaking at 12,637. The trail is twisty and fully of roots and rocks, great for turning an ankle. We went slow! We did not make it up to the top (huge fear of irritating my adductor). It was a beautiful morning.

Last week was awesome!!!!!!!! I was able to run more and continue to work on my physical therapy exercises. I am slowly increasing time so here is what it looked like ( I am not trying to run a certain pace just letting it all come back naturally):

Sun 6 miles 8:09 pace

Tues 6 miles 8:27 pace

Thurs 4 miles 8:09 pace

Sat  7.5 miles 7:57 pace

My muscles/joints feel like they are getting used to running again. I am foam rolling, rolling on tennis balls, sticks, etc to keep everything feeling good.

I was starting to think maybe I can just work on my exercises myself instead with my physical therapist Nicole but then my knees have been a bit sore this week. Nicole is so good about listening to my feedback on my body and making the necessary changes. She watched me do some exercises that were causing the discomfort and we made some minor tweaks. I enjoy working with her she is very dedicated to getting me back to running and with proper form. I am still dropping my right hip a bit, which turns my right knee in and flips my foot out to the side this will only add to my adductor pain. When I am running I find myself really focusing on keeping things in alignment!

see the foot flip!

Some days it still seems frustrating to be a work in progress but I only want to make forward progress. I have my appointment booked with Nicole the day after I get home from Oregon/Washington trip.

Totally Trials!!!!!

I am so excited to be going to the Track and Field Olympic Trials this week and to be meetin up with the Oiselle racing team ladies. Like bouncing off the walls excited!!!! I checked into rebooking my trip to get up there sooner but too much $$. We have been watching all of the trials so far and it is really exciting to know the athletes that are racing. All us Oiselle gals will be reporting on events and various topics at the Trials. I picked “My trials hero: Lauren Fleshman” and the 5000 meter final. See the link to read more about Lauren, my heart goes out to her. Her prelim race is Monday night so catch it on NBCSN, raise your arm in the air and make a C for courage in support of Lauren.

I wish I could stay through Friday night when Oiselle is throwing a Fashion Show and party. Check out their website I will be reporting all details next week!!!!

The reason I can’t stay Friday is because the rest of the family is flying in and we are driving to Yacoult,WA Sat. morning for the Bigfoot Run. Last year we did this race as a family and had a blast. It was my niece Clare’s 1st 5k and y brothers too. My son Josh placed 7th overall and Katherine was right on his heels. Kevin and I did the 5k and I won the whole race by a few minutes (ok this is a small town race but still it was fun to have the police escort). Also the trophy was laugh out loud huge and cool.

Bigfoot Run

Given the fact that I am just returning to running after almost 6 months off I decided to run the 5k instead of 10k which means I will be in the same race as the kids. When I signed us up for the  race I thought I would have been running more by now so I just plan to go out and have fun. I am excited about wearing my Oiselle apparell for the race too! My son Josh has a 5k PR of 22:01 from a few months back. He usually drops 30+ seconds every time he does a 5k so I have not told him yet but he might be beating his mom. I will never live that down! I will be sure and post photos, results and an entire story about the race.

I never really watch much tv but am addicted to Tour de France and the Olympics and now the Olympic Trials. I have to watch gymnastics, Track & Field, marathon, and swimming, triathlon, etc. Not sure how I will find the time so I am thinking of setting up a banquet table in the living room and all meals will be consumed in front of the tv for maximum sports spectating! My kids would love it since I enforce the strict rule of “all food is consumed while sitting at the table” at our house. We have white carpet in that room so might as well book the carpet cleaner now for the end of August!


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