Visualize racing in my Oiselle racing shorts!

It has been a while since I updated my blog.

Around 8-9 weeks post PRP treatment I had an awesome week and thought I was finally making a huge breakthrough. But then out of nowhere the abdominal and adductor flared up again, and I felt I was set back a month. I made the decision to get another PRP treatment. The thought of having to take more time off after the treatment was very discouraging but felt that time was not going to heal me at this point.

May 4th I had my 2nd PRP treatment. In the morning I was dropping off my kids at school and tripped on the sidewalk crashing hard on my right knee and then my right forearm (where it previously had a broken bone). Really???? I still cant believe this happened. I got up and limped to the car to head home and ice it. Dr Wolff was a bit shocked to see me limping into the office. I explained what happened and they brought me more ice to keep on it while the needles were stuck in my adductor and abdominal.  Ah what a mess I was! My mom drove me home and I practically crawled into the house in pain physically and mentally. Let the healing begin!

I have been physically doing whatever I can each day to maintain my fitness and make my way back to running. Bikram yoga, elliptical, spin class plus all my physical therapy exercises to strengthen my core and legs. Some days it is hard to stay motivated and it is boring other days I feel inspired and 1 step closer to running.

Memorial Day weekend in Phoenix we had a rarity, cool weather. I was out on my “walk” Sat morning and very frustrated about all the setbacks, injuries, frustrations, etc. and finally decided to try a 1minute run 1 minute walk combo for 5 minutes. Hmm not too bad. Little sore at the attachment point of the adductor.

The other thing I started doing is visualize racing in my Oiselle racing team outfit. Last year I was so focused on qualifying for the Marathon Olympic Trials and I was always visualizing the next race on a daily basis. It is giving me something to look forward to!!

I spent the next week every other day doing these little test runs and slowly increasing the running time. Since it had been almost 6 months since I did any consistent running I needed to ease back into it (easier said than done!).

Every day I am doing 60 minutes or more of some type of cardio followed by about 60 minutes worth of physical therapy, strength and core exercises. I am doing this usually between 530-730am so I wont be distracted later in the day.

Monday June 4 I did my 3min run x 1min walk twice and felt more discomfort in the adductor (again!!!). Oh this was so frustrating. This date also marked 6 months since my last race at the California International Marathon. When I got home I told my husband I can’t take this anymore I am recruiting the whole village this week. My village being Dr John Ball, physical therapist Nicole, massage therapist and Dr Wolff (PRP man).

My son Josh took some pictures for the Oiselle Racing team website of me running in the apparel. I noticed right away that I am still dropping my right hip, dumping the knee inward and flipping my right foot out. This causes lots of strain on my adductor! I knew I had to keep working hard on the physical therapy and do lots of running drills with proper form.

One other little issue was my si joint on the right side got aggravated about 2 weeks ago during yoga. I have a bit of history in this area dating back to my pregnancy with Josh in 2002. This put me on red alert to get this taken care of.

Dr Ball ran me through some mobility and range of motion exercises. I still am not squatting properly so we worked on that. He also did some work on oblique muscles, hips, and hamstring. After an hour I felt much better. He gave me some positioning exercises to focus on.

My regular massage therapist moved so Susan Loken connected me with Heather Mann her therapist and I was very happy. I learned my muscles on the outer right side of my leg are pretty tight and the sacrum area is pretty inflamed. I felt great when we were done and very happy I had gone in to see her.

I had told Nicole after the 2nd PRP treatment that I would work on my own for a few weeks and then be back with her. It was definitely time! I was glad to learn I only needed a little tweaking on my form with my exercises. We went over what I had been through the last 6 weeks and got a plan going with some new exercises.

By the end of last week I was feeling like I had a plan and was moving forward rapidly!! I attempted a 5min run 1 min walk x5 for a total of 25 minutes of running on Saturday.  No pain! I repeat no pain! I noticed focusing on driving my knees up help keep my form good and reduce any discomfort in the adductor.

Mon-3×10 min run totaling 4 miles (i am running by time but was curious how far I would go so wore the Garmin). Everything felt great! Patience and physical therapy, PRP are all paying off.

Wed- I ran 35 minutes straight with no stopping and felt great. Well my si joint area was  bit sore but not really concerned about that at the moment.

The last few months have been a long haul, it has been difficult to stay positive. I am so thankful for my supportive husband and awesome kids and all the encouragement they have given me. We are a houseful of athletes so it is always sad when we have a “man down” but looks like we are on the upswing now!

I plan on steadily increasing over the next couple weeks and joining my team from Mesa Community College to prepare for cross-country season.



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  1. Yo Momma Runs
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 19:26:55

    Hope you continue to recover well! It’s great to see people come back strong from an injury. Helps me feel hope when I go down.


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