Oh Elliptigoing I will go!

It has been 5 weeks today since my PRP treatment. On Monday I tried a 2 minute run 1 minute walk twice, just felt pain high up in the adductor. Darn that was frustrating. Wednesday tried 2 minute run still pain in higher adductor region. on Wed. followed up with Dr. Wolff and had ultrasound which stilled showed some inflammation in that adductor region that was sore. He suggested I see how it goes over the next 2 weeks and we could plan on another PRP 2 weeks out if needed. Well I want to get better so if that is what it takes than PRP #2 here I come.

I have been using the Elliptigo this week and it is so fun and amazing! This is the next best thing to running. I like the way it uses my leg muscles opposed to my bike to keep me in “running shape”. Thursday I did 15 miles in 1 hour. We have a great canal path near my house but you must cross a major street every mile, such a bummer to stop and wait for the light. Once I have more time me and the Elliptigo are going on a trip to South Mountain or Central Phoenix canal path (no lights).

Today I rode 20 miles on the Elliptigo while completely losing track of town. I was having so much fun! At one point I crossed a dirt path and traveled through some random lumber yard and had to carry it across a railroad track. It was here that I was like where the heck am I? Looked up and saw the Gilbert water tower. I started in Tempe then Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. Ok time to turn around and head back home! Got the chance to talk to several people about the Elliptigo while stuck at lights. Most popular question, Does it bother you knees? answer is no.

After my cross town Elliptigo journey I tried a bit of a run. I did 4 minutes run 1 minute walk twice and NO PAIN! A few hours later I did 5 minutes run 1 minute walk 5 minutes run NO PAIN. Holy cow I think I am getting better!! Icing as I type just in case. I am going to add running time slowly over the next few days (learned this from Lauren). Yes it would be awesome to go knock off a few miles and rush back into things but I have big goals and am setting my foundation on a stable block!

Plans are in the making for our family to travel to the Track & Field Olympic Trials in Eugene this summer and watch Lauren Fleshman earn her spot on the Olympic Team. Over the last few weeks we have adopted her into our family and want to see her shine.

Life is good, going to enjoy the successes of this week and be thankful.


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  1. Julie
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 20:53:24

    YAY!!! You are being patient and are helping so many of us who are following along with some similar issues—thanks!!!! BTW– any interest in being Valley Christian HIgh School’s cross country coach? They are looking for one!!!


  2. thethinksicanthink
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 21:14:11

    That’s great! The PRP seems to have worked like a charm!

    The Elliptigo and elliptical did kind of bother my glute/piriformis a little bit, but I just worked through it.

    And, how lucky you will be going to the Trials! It will be cool for your kids, too — I went to the 96 Olympics (I was 10) and it was AWESOME.


  3. Carrie Weldy
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 03:55:47

    Congrats on running with no pain, Kerry!!!!! Also love your cool Oiselle clothes, looks comfy. Hope we can run together soon….


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