Oiselle Racing Team

I am so glad to put February behind me. Life was filled with drama, trauma, injuries, illnesses, etc. and how lucky that it was Leap Year so we had one extra day in Feb. March is off to a good start, I love the weather in AZ this time of year. Beautiful sunny days, cool mornings and evenings. After a rainy weekend in Oregon and Washington I could not be more thankful to be living her.

The exciting news this month is I was  given the opportunity to run for Oiselle’s Racing Team . It is a team made up of women throughout the country. Oiselle www.oiselle.com  is a women’s running  apparel company run by a few amazing women. The women are runners themselves so  they know what exactly what  runners love. After growing tired of looking for  running shorts and not finding anything that suited her needs, the owner  decided to start her own clothing company! Oiselle is  pronounced wa-zell and means a bird in French. When I was applying for the team I was really excited to learn more about the company. I look forward to racing for them this year. Look for more details in my blog in the future. Plus my friend Allison Delancey is on the team to, check out her blog www.azparentsontherun.com. I cant wait to go tear it up on the race course with her.

2 weeks post PRP on my adductor and abdominal area I feel slight discomfort in both areas (more than I had before the treatment). It was supposed to hurt more initially then feel better. Last Friday I was able to start my initial exercising since I was 2wks post PRP treatment. I started with an easy 30 min on elliptical, no problems Yeah. Saturday I was in Washington and went to Bikram Yoga with my brother and sister in-law. It was just really fun to go workout and with other people! I took it really easy in class, I feared undoing all the healing I have been going through. Again no problems. Sunday I took off since we traveled to Eugene for my nieces gymnastic meet. Monday Bikram again, did not ease up as much and still felt good. Tuesday 1hr elliptical no problems other than boredom and my ipod acting all crazy. Wed I was super excited to go to Bikram again and with my friend Susan. Is it true or does my abdominal muscle actually feel slightly better?? This happened right before the treatment too and I think it is from the yoga.

I am now almost 3 weeks post PRP treatment. I followed up with Dr Wolff yesterday. We discussed the continued soreness and he thought this was normal. He thinks my adductor and abdominal were definitely pretty bad with lots of scar tissue and will take some time to get back to normal. We discussed some research he is following in Europe where they are using an antiflammtory serum instead of just the red blood platelets and seeing huge success. It is illegal here in the states. After some discussion he is thinking the way to see this success may be to do a second treatment around 4 weeks. initially he thought to wait until 8 weeks. I am going to take it day by day since the PRP cost $600 out of pocket plus office visit and ultrasound charges.

He would like me to start easy physical therapy next week with light stretching and strengthening and 10 minute runs on the Alter G. I happened to be at John Ball’s office later in the day with my daughter so we spoke briefly. John suggested waiting until there is no soreness maybe 1-2 more weeks. I would rather give this all the time it needs upfront instead of taking steps backward. So I am thinking end of next week if it feels good. I follow back up with Dr Wolff in 2 weeks. I have another friend that had PRP in similar area just a few days after me so we will be comparing notes throughout our healing.

I had a last-minute chance to meet up with Susan and Lauren to swim today but chose yoga again since I think it is helping. I was trying to make it to Jon’s studio at Mesa Bikram Yoga but scheduling conflicts arose so I went to the studio by my house. My goal at yoga was to “be present in the room” so often my mind drifts to grocery lists, kids schedules, etc. I picked the side of room that I thought might be warmer (like it is not hot enough in there). I was doing good staying present until about half way through the class, maybe because the sweat was rolling off me more than a July track workout in AZ. Anyway my mind drifted tothe beads of sweat and my mini muffin top over my yoga shorts. Despite maintaining my weight (without running) and still sporting six-pack abs I somehow chose to obsess about this?? Two pregnancies that each gained me 45lbs have caused a bit of stretched out skin in the abdominal area (you mothers probably know what I mean). At the end of class I noticed my fingers were all scrunched up and pruny like when you are in the water for a long time. That is how much I was sweating today! Next time I will try harder to stay present or at least some positive thoughts. I think noon yoga class without lunch is not the best time for me.

Other good news is our favorite house guest Lauren Fleshman is back in the house. Not good for her since it means she is injured and here to let Dr Ball work his magic. Any distraction or diversion during this healing process for me is more than welcome. My kids are having fun learning about her Picky Bar company http://www.pickybars.com/ (buy some today they are yummy and you are supporting elite athletes) and T-shirts she designs. I feel good that we can give her an opportunity to stay with us as long as she needs to get herself better. We laughed hysterically over a video clip last night. Check our her blog at http://asklaurenfleshman.com/journal/. Injured runners have time to read comments so don’t be shy about sending us some love!

One last thing my 9yr old son Josh has ran a couple of 5ks last month and posted a 22:02 last weekend. He is about 40 seconds from the state record for 9yr old boys. Might seem like a lot but he does not train, just kind of rolls out of bed and throws on his shoes and runs the race. So maybe with a bit of practice, a little speed workout and possibly a tip or two from Lauren you just never know. His birthday is in 6wks so we got to act fast. Last year the mantra around this house was “every second counts” so might as well keep that going. Oh how I wish I could pace him right now!

I feel like the light is glimmering at the end of the tunnel. I think my return path to running with be a bit curvy I am just glad to be getting on it!!!


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