Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Yesterday I finally had my PRP treatment. It has been a wild week!

Monday night started with my son and husband vomiting (thought it was food poisoning). I was up almost all night with Josh (3 sheet changes and 1 pj change for me). This would be the nonglorious side of being a mother! Josh stayed home from school a couple of days. Kevin stayed home from work which is a rarity, he was really sick.

Wednesday morning I decided to go to 6am Bikram Yoga class so I could get one last workout in before my treatment that afternoon. I woke at 5am showed up at class and the instructor never came. I was quite grumpy. I decided to hop on the elliptical quickly before getting Katherine to school and going to Ash Wed mass. Around noon I got a call from the doctor’s office that they had to cancel my appt since the ultrasound tech could not be there. They said they could reschedule me in one month. As calmly as I could I told the woman that was unacceptable and to check with the doctor and call me back. I felt like collapsing into a pile of tears. Not being able to run or know when you will be better is extremely difficult and mentally draining. Later that day I got a call to come back Fri at 415 to the Scottsdale location. I was curious if I could drive after the procedure since it was going to be in my right adductor. She checked with the doctor and said I should be able to. I figured I would try since it would be a logistic nightmare to get me a ride with everyone elses schedules.

I went to bed Thursday night feeling full after a nice meal of homemade chili, chips and salsa. I would regret that meal several hours later as I awoke with stomach pain and vomiting. I guess the boys did not have food poisoning after all. I spent the next several hours vomiting, chills, achy and stomach pain. Now the real question could I make it to my appt in later that day? I was more worried about being rescheduled weeks or months away that I decided to suck it up to the best of my ability. My mom decided to drive me, we got rides for the kids secured and we were off.

I arrived about 4pm the nurse drew my blood and put it in the machine. I was freezing and shaking so had my mom get me another jacket out of the car, put on my pants and the nurse brought me a blanket. The nurse said the machine will take 14 minutes and hopefully the doctor will be here when it is finished. I asked her about the ultrasound tech and she was not sure if she would be there. Hmm I was thinking was that not important to have her here, like they told me the other day?? I was left in the room with the machine spinning my blood away. It started making crazy loud beeping noises and I noticed an error message. I wondered around til I found the nurse. Two nurses came in and fumbled around with the machine trying to get it to work. At this point I was really starting to wonder if there was a higher power suggesting I don’t get this treatment! They finally got the machine working but still no doctor. I was moved to the treatment room to wait. One hour later the doctor finally showed up. I was feeling so miserable and thought I might just pass out. I was trying to fake feeling good since I didn’t want them to say I was too sick to get the PRP.

Finally the treatment got started! First the dr felt around to find the painful areas in my adductor and abdominal. He marked them with a pen and then used the ultrasound machine to take a better look. Once that was done he prepped the needles. I was under the impression numbing would take place but he decided not to use it since he said it was not as effective with it numbed. He started on the right adductor and used 6 needles. It was not too bad. The most pain was from the blood being injected not the actual needle. Now time for the stomach. He did 4 needles in my stomach and they hurt pretty bad. At this point I just had no toughness left and felt worn out from all the vomiting and chills earlier in the day. I did my best to breath and hold still so the needles would go in the right spot. Once it was finished we discussed the next few weeks.

I go back to see him in 3 weeks. The first few days I am to do nothing but sit on the couch and rest (no icing or pain mediation allowed). After 2 weeks I can start easy walking, elliptical and cycling. He thinks I can start running at 6 or 8 weeks. Somehow I thought it was only going to be 4 weeks so bummed it is longer.

My mom drove me home and I got settled on the couch feeling absolutely horrible more from the illness than the procedure. I knew I looked bad when Josh was saying “Don’t move mommy I will do anything you need me to”. I finally headed to bed with plans of spending Sat and Sun on the couch, bed or lounge chair by the pool since it was going to be 80 degrees.

Saturday 4am Katherine comes downstairs crying I threw up and feel sick. Oh wow here we go again. Kevin took care of her so I could try to rest. I spent most of the day at her side she was so sick. She definitely got it the worst. After a couple calls to the pediatrician we were almost set to take her to the urgent care or ER but she finally stopped vomiting around hour 13. I was feeling exhausted and spent! Not really anytime to rest and I was worried I was doing too much for my leg. Mothering always takes priority over everything else. She felt a pinch better that evening and even drank some Vitamin water.

I plan on following doctors orders to recover from this injury. I think the mental part is the hardest. I am planning to keep myself busy. I am on a journey to recover and regain my strength and running speed. I know I will come back stronger than before. The big picture is out there: 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials.  I can see it!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 02:17:35

    Kerry- Wendy has told me about you and injury. I go to Dr Wolfe on 3/21 (soonest I could get) for my PRP for my right adductor!!! SO thank you for the heads up on how it may go (sans the flu!!) I wish for you as speedy and full recovery. I have not run for 8 weeks and by the time htis is done… I think I will be a “virgin runner” again, but if I am healed—it will all be good!!!


  2. thethinksicanthink
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 13:07:28

    Just curious – what is wrong with your adductor? I’ve had mine hurt since about age 18. John (Ball) just said it was “bad tissue.”

    I’ve heard about PRP — never known anyone who has gotten it. Crossing fingers it’s the magic touch! The theory behind it is cool, seems like it should work…


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