It takes a village!

I am here in Sacramento less than 24 hours before the California International Marathon (CIM). I am at the hotel relaxing and doing final race preparations. It is a great time to reflect back on this year of running. I could not do any of this alone, it has taken a village to get me where I am today. Here are some of my key tribe members:

Family-my husband has been nothing but supportive both emotionally and financially to help me this year we have traveled  around the country chasing my dream. My kids have been encouraging and a source of inspiration. I want to make them proud and be a good role model for them. My mom has taken care of the kids many times to I could make it to some key workouts with training partners. My sister in-law Carren always with a perfectly times phone call to help me stay calm cool and collected.

Dr John Ball-he has spent a lot of time working with me this year and healing me. He has got me to more start lines than I thought possible. The last few months have been tough physically on my body. I would not have this chance without him! He sure can inflict the pain but it is extremely affective. My friend Jaymee Marty even wrote a song about him titled “Pain”.

Coach John-I started working with John Oct 2010 and came to him on Susan’s suggestion. I wonder if he thought I was crazy to go from a 3:11 to 2:25 marathoner in a little over a year. He has been incredible the last few months tweaking my schedule to overcome my injuries and keep me training at my best.

Training Partners-many people have trained with me this year but the 2 that have had the most impact are Flash and the Legend (Susan Loken). Flash has made me run so fast and hard I thought my legs were fly off! He has never let me accept anything than my best. Susan became named the legend at our house since she is a 3x Olympic Trials Qualifier and multiplex Master National Champion. I could write volumes on how she has helped me this year! We have run some long, hard, hot and difficult miles together. She is the most positive person I know! When I thought I would crumble after Austin Marathon she showed me how to refocus. She has taught me to take believe to another level. We have shared a rough few months of training and encouraging each other. I cant wait to be toes to the line with this awesome legend in Houston at the Olympic Trials!

Lauren Fleshman (seriously fast elite runner and Runner’s World cover girl last month plan on seeing her in London this summer)and Jaymee Marty (masters olympic trials qualifier)- These 2 runners came in town last week to get treated by Dr John Ball and where an awesome distraction for me. They spent one night playing guitar, singing and making up songs about marathons. I love the song about my year of PR’s and Whatcha gonna do on Sunday?? (get an OTQ). It was awesome to meet them and spend time getting to know each other.

There are many others too, Melissa Guthrie brining me some great essential oils for injuries and to kick the last-minute cold I got, Nicole at Spooner jumping in at the last-minute with some great support, all the kids in the running program I coach at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic School inspiring me. My iron sister Stacy Ahearn one tough chick. For those that can’t run and inspire me to run harder especially Jared Woods.

Yesterday Kevin drove me around the course so I could check everything out and make some notes. I am loving this course! Gently rolling hills not verymany turns. I warned the kids to not complain about being in the car for a long time since I would be running this distance tomorrow. We got to the finish area in the shadow of the state capitol building and I got out to walk around a bit. I was taking a moment to visualize myself crossing the finish line. I told Kevin I can see the clock and it says 2:45! He physically starts looking around for a clock and says what clock? I look down at my watch and you guessed it 2:45!! Good Omen. I quick took a picture with my cell phone.

I am prepared physically and mentally. I am looking forward to the physical and spiritual experience that will happen on the course tomorrow. I plan on praying the rosary on the bus ride to the start and doing some final visualization. There are many women from around the country sharing in the same goal tomorrow morning, probably close to 70. Hard to imagine us all packed together, I plan on watching where I run so as to not get tangled up!

Runner tracking is live at I am bib#54 race starts at 7am, CA time.


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  1. Lauren Fleshman (@laurenfleshman)
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 08:47:45

    Kerry! I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you were to me last week when I stayed at your house with you and your wonderful family. I know you will be disappointed that you didn’t reach your goal, but I just want to tell you that it is the passion and dedication to the goal that really inspires people. Me. Your kids. Your husband. Your friends. Seeing the visual images around your house that you used to focus and be positive inspired me to get back to business and focus on my goals for 2012 with the same passion and poise. You are a great example to me as a strong woman who balances being a mother, a wife, and an athlete, among all your other roles. I hope that when the dust settles and you have time to regroup, you have no regrets for living your life like a champion, and that you are extremely proud of what you have done this year. xoxo Lauren


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