Race week is here!

The race is only a few short days away! I was having trouble wrapping my mind it last week, I think I needed to get through Thanksgiving. I know I have done everything I could to prepare for this day so just going to “trust my stuff” this week.

I got my elite packet last week with all the last minute details and list of athletes. Holy smokes there are a lot of women showing up! 115 on the list to be exact, some I already know wont be there, the Eastern Europeans are going after the prize money and will be way in front of me. We have a guy pacing us so that will help. My coach discussed strategies for not getting tangled up or tripped by other runners. Most important thing will be to stay calm and focused! Going out to fast can make the end miles tough.

The two weeks prior to a marathon is usually a tapering phase, running less miles and getting ready for the big day. It is crucial to stay mentally calm and in the game. Many aches and pains like to pop up, self doubt, questioning your training, etc. Maintaining race weight is critical too, who wants to carry a few extra pounds for26.2 miles! It is enough to drive a sane runner over the edge! I am hanging in there pretty good. Focusing on every last detail so nothing gets left behind or forgotten.

Sunday I had my last long run, 12 miles. This is the first time I ran this pace without pain since August! It sure felt awesome. My quads were super fatigued last few miles which was not exactly confidence boosting. I just shrugged it off and was thankful for no pain. All this mental training is helping with these kind of days.

Bad news is I started getting a cold over the weekend. I am trying rest, herbal remedies, over the counter and Melissa brought me some awesome essential oils. I am going to attack this thing from all angles! I could definitely freak out over this but with all the challenges I have had to overcome this is just one more. I work well under pressure and against adversity. So I say “Bring it”!

Very excited that Wendy Schulik got her funding so she can continue filming her documentary about women trying to qualify for the Olympic Trails. Follow her updates on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Miles-Trials-Running-Towards-2012-Film/188446341168490 or blog at http://milesandtrialsfilm.blogspot.com/. We met at Grandma’s marathon in June. She started her project in Chicago and several of the women she is following are from Chicago. It has been following everyone’s stories I can’t wait to meet them!

I had a nice surprise over the weekend when I was contacted by 2 runners that would be in town getting treatments from Dr. Ball.  One is staying with us and the other is staying nearby. Jaymee has run CIM 5 times so has tons of course insight! Lauren Fleshman just debuted at New York Marathon and is an extremely accomplished runner. Yeah more people to talk running with!

I am sure there will be more updates before we leave town on Friday!


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