2 weeks to go!

Last week I ran the most running volume so far during this training cycle 64 miles. This is much less than I ran getting ready for my marathon in June when my mileage hovered around 75. It has been 3 months since the first pain of injuries impacted my training/racing and 2 months since the MRI confirming what was wrong. When I got those results I remember thinking it aint over til it is over! I was going to just keep training and with a little luck and a ton of treatments from Dr. Ball I just might make it to the start line of CIM on 12-4. I know in my heart if I can make it to the start then I have a chance.

The one thing that has kept me going through pain, disappointment, frustration, is being positive. I am not even sure how I have been able to stay mentally positive and focused through all the challenges. I have been thinking back to my first marathon when I was running to raise money for my dear friend Susan. Here was a mother almost the same age as me battling for her life after a double lung transplant. She was always so brave and positive. I often wondered how she did it, knowing her outcome was bleak and she had a 5 year old son she would be leaving behind. The pain and suffering of a marathon seemed so small compared to what she was experiencing. I remember on race day feeling a bit of stomach discomfort around mile 21 and hearing some church bells as I ran by a Catholic church and then felt instantly better. I called Susan at the hospital after the race and she wanted to hear all about the day. I never told her my stomach felt sick but she told me how she prayed for me and she asked me how my stomach felt. When I shared her story she said she had been praying to carry any burden for me that I might encounter and how her stomach started hurting. Pretty powerful stuff considering she had so many health challenges herself and I was the healthy one. Sadly she passed away a few weeks later. She is one of the main reasons for my positive mental attitude. I think of her often and miss her always!

This short video clip titled “The First Gold” showing Joan Benoit winning the 1st gold medal for women’s marathon in LA 1984 Olympics has been very inspiring.


I was so excited to go to track practice. I have not been to night track at SCC since May! The track was closed over the summer and then I having doing my track workouts on the Alter G. I much prefer running on the track with other fast girls than on the Alter G.

The highlight of my week happened on Friday. I had just finish running on the Alter G and was rushing out the door to go see Dr Ball when someone handed me a note. Once I got to Dr Ball’s office I had a chance to read it while waiting. Much to my surprise one of the physical therapists at Spooner had read my blog and was inspired by my story and wrote me a short note and also offered to see if there is anything she can do to help me with the injuries. Well after the week I was having I just about started crying. It was such a random act of kindness I was deeply touched. I plan on contacting her soon!

It has been a tough week mentally, doubt is creeping it at every corner, can I really run a 6:15 pace for 26.2 miles on the little bit of training I have completed?? I have been so positive up to this point so was a bit blindsided by the insecurity and doubt. I tried just pushing it away but yesterday on my long run it came crashing down hard on me. Well better to get the mental and physical meltdown out of the way and figure out what I need to do the next 2 weeks to get myself ready. I wont repeat the details of Sunday’s 16 miler but will say if you are going to have a meltdown best to get it all out (like a 2 year old having a tantrum). Huge thanks to my friend Tere for talking me off the ledge!

Later that day I went down to volunteer/spectate at the Ironman with my daughter. I finished an Ironman race in 2007 and it taught me many life lessons. It was great to see many friends racing. I was hoping to get a little inspiration to take home. We watched the finish line for almost an hour, a great place to spectate. Usually I like to stay until midnight and cheer the last finishers but this year I need my sleep with my own race very soon.

This week would be the official start of my 2 week taper although I feel like I have been tapering forever. I am reading Ryan Hall’s new book and loving the part he writes about tapering for the 2010 Boston Marathon. There is not much you can do physically that will make a huge impact on your race at this point. It is time to focus on the mental training and trusting your stuff. I think it is going to be a long 2 weeks. I plan on using it wisely by visualizing race day, reviewing my race plan, reading inspirational stories/quotes and resting as much as possible.

Training last week


Mon-8 Alter G

Tues-8 track 4x 1 mile at 6:20

Wed-8 alter G

Thurs-12 miles hills

Fri-8 Alter G

Sat-8 strides

weekly total 64 miles  road 40 Alter G 24


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