Staying Positive!

This morning was beautiful and cool perfect for the Shun the Sun Half Marathon. My training partners Tere Zacher and Susan Loken were doing the race too! Always happy to line up with these fast ladies! I had nothing but high hopes today and nailing this run and basking in confidence the rest of the day. This would be my last big training event before California International Marathon (CIM).

Tere and I were hoping to stay together for  10 miles than race the last 5k. She started a bit quicker than I wanted so I just kept her in sight and started to pick the guys to catchup and pass. Good thing since my shoe started getting loose and was about to come untied (not even at mile 1 yet). I stopped to tie it and created more of a knot (really???). Took a deep breath and  hit the stop button on my watch, today is a training run not a race. I thought this is good it will remind me to triple knot my Brooks racing flats at CIM. Got going again and set my sights on catching Susan. She was doing a bit of a training run herself today so I needed to be in front of her based on our pace goals today.

Approaching mile 3 my right piriformis was starting to hurt. Yikes not good at all since I have 10 more miles. Ok positive mental training 1 mile at a time. Caught up to Susan and she gave me some encouraging words.  Miles 4 and 5 brought more teeth gritting pain. Stopped at mile 5 to do some quick stretches on the hip and started running again.

Miles 5-6 my pace was slowed due to pain and I now felt some pain shooting into my hamstring. Hamstring has not had any issues and I need to keep it that way. My husband,mother and daughter were kind enough to come cheer me on. I was expecting them at the finish and there they were at the turnaround. I stopped to tell them I was having problems and could they drive up a couple miles in case the situation did not get better.

Miles7-8 I slowed to around 645-650 pace still with pain. When I reached my family at mile 8  I knew I was better to cut my losses vs. risking more damage to my body. If this was CIM I would have pushed onward.

In 7 years of racing I have never not finished a race. It would be easy to let this get me down mentally. Instead I focused on knowing it was the right decision for today. If I had been out on the Beeline doing a time trial I would have stopped too. They drove me back to the finish area.

I got back just in time to see Tere win the female race and Susan not too far behind her. So glad to meetup with them and get some encouraging words.

This past week Melissa Guthrie was kind enough to reach out to me and provide me some doTerra essential oils to help with the pain and inflammation. I have been applying deep blue, aroma touch, white fir and several others to a variety of body parts. It seemed to really help my knee. I think my hip area is so bad right now it could not put a dent in the pain. I am going to keep up this regimen though because I think it is helping.

My daughter Katherine made me an awesome cheer up poster to hang on the wall. Next to my computer I always post  my race course map with elevation, time goal and there is a magazine tear out advertisement for the Olympic Trails in Houston.

One thing this training is doing is making me more mentally tough than I ever thought possible! There have been many sacrifices along the way. I am going to take some anti-inflammatories to help with the inflammation and pain. I know that I can run a 2:45 marathon!! Can I do it on an injured body? I believe I can!!!!


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  1. Amy R. Haney
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 21:13:32

    As usual, what an inspiring post. I think you did the right thing by pulling from the race. Good job thinking reasonably and rationally through it. The most valuable lessons are learned through time (races) like this. You have a great perspective on all of it and you remain an inspiration to me and so many!!! Keep up the GREAT work, Kerry!!!!


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