Another PR in my Brooks ST5 racing flats!!

I raced the Phoenix 10k last Sunday and got a new PR 38:55 (to be honest I have not really “raced” this distance before). It just felt so good to race again since it has been months!! Race day is like the payoff for all the hard work. I feel like I have been in the trenches forever (maybe the Alter G is to blame).

It was a beautiful cool morning and there were many other Bandido girls racing also which is always a blast. I love running with all these fast chicks!! I had on my PR racing flats Brooks ST5’s and a bright new running skirt. I just knew Ariana Hillborn would be leaving us all in the dust.  My plan was to start a bit easy at 6:20 pace then pick it up negatively splitting the last 5k. I wanted to feel good race well, have minimal pain and no asthma problems.

Well my first mile was 6:07 too fast! I really wanted to stick with all the girls I train with but realized I needed to do my own race. Tere even gave me encouraging “stick with us” words. I am so used to longer distances that by the time I am settled in the race is almost over. Around mile 2 Coach John and some other Bandidos were there to offer cheers and advice. Everything was feeling good at this point. There was quite a few guys in front of me so I just kept trying to catchup and pass each one.

Before mile 3 we had a u-turn so I got to see Ariana in the lead. I was glad to have a bit of breath to yell out a cheer for her. Soon Tanaya caught up to me although we had heard about each other we had not met before. Amazingly she had breath to introduce herself. After the turn John and some other Bandidos were there to encourage us on. I remember John yelling “pass the guy in yellow shorts. YELLOW SHORTS”! I set me eyes on him and closed the gap passing him smoothly. I was clicking off 612-614 pace. Wow it sure felt harder than it should. Pain in my hip was not as bad as I expected (only about a level 5) and breathing was under control.

I try to remember to stay in the present. I was working on not think about next weekend running twice the distance at the same pace. Staying present at each mile allows me to focus and keep on pace. Fear lives in the future so if I stay in the present there is no fear of the outcome.

The last mile my legs were feeling fatigued, my mind was strong and focused. I was trying to catch one guy at a time. Their was one last turn before we sprinted to the finish line. Running down the finish it was awesome to hear the cheers from my friends. I finished in 38:55 last mile was 6:22, yikes can’t believe I slowed down. This shows me how focused I need to stay to keep on pace. Try and concentrate on one thing for 5 minutes and see how many times your mind wanders! Now try for 2 hours and 45 minutes, I have my work cut out for me at the next marathon.

This weekend I had planned on doing a time trial but there is a half marathon in Mesa, Shun the Sun is putting on the race. My goal is to start 620-615 pace hold that to mile 10 and pick it up the last 5k. I am hoping to feel strong, minimal pain, no breathing issues to build confidence leading into my marathon.



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  1. ariana
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 21:18:39

    I love that ” fear lives in the future” so true. That is such a great reminder to stay focused on the present during a race. I can’t wait to hear about your time trial, I know you will crush it! Go Kerry!!!23 days!!!!


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