Pain is a 4 letter word!

Sunday started the run optimistic as usual. Sometimes there are painful runs and then there was Sunday, holy cow it was the most painful run right after the LA Marathon. Around mile 3 my right hip (piroformis area) was already starting to hurt. I took an alleve at mile 5 to help with the pain(it is not my usual protocol to take pain meds during training runs). We turned around at mile 6 everyone else started some pick ups so I ran the last 12 by myself. Knowing all the information from the MRI I know running in that much pain was not helping anything but did not seem to be doing any permanent damage. Even though I had the Alleve the pain was still intense and slowing me down. The last 5 miles I just got pissed and thought it is going to hurt if I run 7:30 or 7 min pace, might as well turn up the suffering and get something out of this run. Once that Garmin clicked the split for mile 16 I stopped. Whew avg pace 720 for the entire run, not quite what I wanted but I survived! Huge deposit in the mental toughness bank!

Once I stopped my right foot started really hurting I iced a few times and it was still a little swollen. Headed down to Tempe Town Lake with the family for a couple hours of paddle boarding. I was out of the lake most of the time for 2hrs (watching the kids) so probably did not help my foot.

Hobbled out of bed Mon morning thankful I was cross training and seeing Dr Ball. He reviewed my MRI again and said it really does show a stress reaction in si joint and that is probably why I am having all the pain in the hip. I should expect pain in the pelvic area over the next weeks of training. Well at least I know what to expect. He hammered away on the hip and foot.

Tuesday I had an appt with my asthma specialist and sure enough some issues with the asthma. I am going to stay on the current meds and he gave me a shot to help break the cycle and reduce inflammation. I am hoping this helps with all the other inflammation too. When the nurse went to give me the shot I told her just aim for one of the bruises on my hip/butt area and then maybe I can get a twofer out of this shot.

Looking forward to a long run this weekend with last 6 miles at 630 pace. Hoping that run is just a tad less painful! Maintaining a positive attitude, if pain is going to be there the next 8 1/2 wks I plan on embracing it and using it to my advantage. Marathons always have a moment (or more) where the pain is intense and you want to stop and need to make the decision to keep going. So this will just be practice.


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