Keeping the dream alive!

The last couple weeks I had several dr appts xrays and mri. Final results were not great but not enough to stop me from pursuing my goal this year of qualifying for the Olympic Trials.

The sports med dr reviewed my  mri showing  a tear in my lower left abdominal region; cool I have “ripped abs”. I found this interesting since I have only had pain on the right side. Basically all the joints/tendons that I use for running; adductor, abductors, hamstring, si joint; have tendonitis and inflammation.  This made me feel like “how am I even running?”Dr Ball said it was typical for someone who runs as much as I have this year. This made me feel like no problem.

In all honesty if I was not shooting for such a huge once in 4 year opportunity I would back off and give my body the rest it needs. Since I do have a big goal I am going to keep pushing and clean up the mess after the Olympic Trials.

Here are some of the strategies I am going to implement to keep myself going.

-continue treatment with Dr Ball

-possible cortisone shot

-running on Alter G treadmill 2x week

-cross train 1 x per week

-keep a positive attitude

-eliminate dairy (causing too many problems with my asthma)

I always feel better once I have a plan of action. Thankfully coach John has helped me create a training plan that we will adjust as needed to get me to my goal. I will continue to “Focus on what I can do not what I can’t do”. I will control what I can and adjust/adapt as necessary.

In case you are wondering what an Alter G treadmill is I will provide a description. First you put on a pair of wetsuit material type shorts with a zipper around the waist. Step on the treadmill, pull up the bars and zip yourself to the large thick bag thing. Press the button to calibrate (it fills with air). Set your weight adjustment I am running at 85% of my weight. Start running!! Essentially it is like running with your lower body in a large thick trash bag (yes sweaty and hot). I can run a 6:30 pace with my heart rate in the 130’s. Your legs feel like they got a harder workout than your lungs. Here is a link to see what it looks like (I am not using the senior model).

This week seems to also be brining more issues with my asthma. Just when I thought it was under control. There have been several dust storms lately and maybe that is the problem. Today’s run I was trying to determine if my fitness was lost or was it my asthma making me feel like I was running with a bag over my head? I felt like I was shuffling along at a 9min pace but my watch was showing 715. Guess my legs know what to do! I am trying one more workout and if no improvement than back to the asthma dr. I think I have had my fill of dr appts lately!!

Tomorrow I have 12 miles at South Mountain. Last winter I had a long run at the same place when I was having asthma problems and I conquered the mountain. I plan on owning those hills tomorrow!


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