Countdown to Twin Cities Marathon 65 days

It has been a crazy few weeks: vacations, kids home from school, figuring out which marathon to run. I know I was getting obsessed with marathons when I had 4 course maps including elevation charts and listing how many turn for each race and was still considering a few others. My family was like “just pick one already!!”

I was really blessed to receive great offers from 3 races to have expenses covered (that 247 at Grandma’s sure helped in this area). So the winner is Twin Cities October 2 in Minnesota. It also happens to be the Masters National Championship race which I have always wanted to do. My training partner Susan Loken is doing this race also and has won it multiple times. Huge plus!!!! I am really excited and looking forward to it.

One minor concern: my right foot. I am putting all my faith and trust into the healing hands of Dr. Ball. I have a bit of the plantars fascitas going on in my right foot. I have had 6 epat shockwave therapy treatments to help break up the scar tissue. Not sure I can describe the pain level that occurs during the treatment but at least when you give birth you get a baby after all the pain. Well I will get an Olympic Trials Qualifying time so it is worth it. Dr Ball has this awesome new machine and it has been highly effective solving this issue. I think in a few weeks I will know for sure if my foot can heal and handle running 70 miles a week. Twin Cities will take all my training efforts so I am either all in or resting for a Dec. race. Positive thoughts!!!!!

I have a great group of girls at track practice on Tuesdays at 5am. I am truly blessed to have other strong female runners to train with, makes the 345am wakeup call a bit easier. Very fortunate my kids are old enough to entertain themselves for a bit in the afternoon so I can try to nap.

Training week of July 24

Sun 14 avg pace 722

Mon 6 easy strength and core training

Tues track 8 total 16×400’s avg86  (counted it down with legos)

wed 6 easy strength and core training

Th 10 1x2miles in 13:02 2x 1mile 640 (super hot thought I might dissolve)

Fri off (probably last time for a while)

Sat 8 trail run st mtn


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