Finding my running legs again

Many thoughts go through my head after a race. I love to analyze it and figure out what I could have done better. What I learned from Grandma’s

-run the tangents better

-remember on your Garmin the course will be a bit longer so adjust your pace to meet your goal

-know your numbers, what time do I need at 10k, half, 20 mile, etc.

I am so happy I believed in myself and “trusted my stuff” and just went for it. I missed the mark by 117 seconds. I know I will get it next time.

Been going through the process of trying to find the perfect race: good fast course, chance for decent weather, competitive field. I realize I had all that at Grandma’s so kickin myself a bit I did not get it done at that race. I was at hot yoga last week and decided to just let it go, cant change the past and I need all my energy to get ready for the next marathon. Here are a few I am looking at:

-Victoria, British Columbia- not sure about course, timing and weather looks good, they will set me up for the race in style so I am interested

-Toronto weather could be a little cold mid Oct, course and competition looks great.  Very expensive to get there. I submitted my elite application and waiting to hear back.

I took 10 days off from running even though I thought I might explode. Did my first run in Cama, WA at my brothers house in great weather. Unfortunately it is super hilly so maybe not the best choice for the 1st run back. Got to revisit everything that hurt the last 5 miles of the marathon. Always fun for the 1st run back.

So back to running and finding a race!!


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  1. Anne King
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 04:13:39

    Kerry – I had only one dance left to get my gold medal in ice dancing and it took me 7 tries before the judges passed So…have faith.
    Anne K.


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