I am not in Tempe, AZ anymore!!!

We arrived in Two Harbors, MN last night after 2 plane rides and a few hours in the car. I had found an awesome restaurant online, Duluth Grill that served vegetarian entrees and gluten free menu!! They actually had food to feed our whole family and our allergies and it was tasty.. it is always a challenge when traveling to get what I need. Needless to say the last thing I want before a marathon is stomach distress.

Our cabin is awesome it overlooks Lake Superior which is about 50ft outside the door. This morning when I looked out the window the lake and sky were one I almost felt like I was on a ship looking out, very surreal. Temp was 45 and a light mist of rain my dad would say it was “saw dustin” out.

Went on a 6 mile run this morning with 8 1min pups at 620 pace felt so good to run in the cool weather. I am really excited about this weather for the marathon it should be awesome!!! Much better than the Austin weather in Feb 80 and 80% humidity!! I thought I would run towards the start area hoping I could find it. Low and behold big yellow letters painted START and tons of port of potties, hmm this must be it. It is just as I have been visualizing for weeks; old highway road in the middle of a bunch of green trees.

I have been in touch online/facebook with a couple girls trying to qualify for the trials also, Heather is from Chicago and Nicole I believe MN. I will get to meet them Fri and sat.

Friday’s plan

4 mile run with strides, massage, media luncheon for elite runners followed by interview with Wendy Shulik (see her post on facebook) she is making a documentary about women trying to qualify for the Olympic Trails

Miles & Trials: Running Towards 2012 Film
The countdown to Grandma’s Marathon – Duluth, Inc. this Saturday has begun for two of the women we’ll be filming for our movie on their way to an Olympic Trials Qualifier (< 2:46). Kerry Camberg and Heather Bolingbroke Prekop are departing for Duluth tomorrow. This producer feels like a nervous stage mom! Wishing everyone running Grandmas FAST FEET. Go get that OTQ, ladies!!!

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