Just Gotta Believe!!!!

Wow it was taper week of training and I still look back and think how did I do it?? After a disappointing marathon in Austin (thanks mother nature) Feb 19 I shifted gears and set my eyes on Grandma’s Marathon. The best thing I did was leave that race in Texas once I boarded the plane to come home (thanks for the advice Susan). I took about 48hrs off and then hit the spin bike until it was time to start running again (total of 10 days off from running). I started this training cycle with a fresh attitude and the belief that I could do anything I set my mind too. I have improved more than I could have thought in 16wks, I put fear aside and just let it happen.

After Austin my coach and I talked about a couple of approaches to my next marathon. One option would be to be a little conservative and run a pace I know I can hold the whole race and have a huge PR. Second option run 6:18-6:20 pace for as long as I can hold it (like to the finish line) and if luck is on my  side I will get the qualifying time I need for the Olympic Trials (sub 2:46). See the quotes below and you will see I am going with option 2 SUB 246 OTQ time all the way!! I believe I can do it and am excited to go and make it happen.

I have been reading Mind Gym to help with some mental training. A few of my favorite quotes that have kept me going:

“You must be 100% committed to each action”

“Don’t let fears get in the way of your dreams”

“Do you want to play it safe and be good or do you want to take a chance and be great?” love this one

“Keep calm, carry on” stole that one from Sally Meyerhoff (may God bless her soul)

Taper week (worked 3 ice packs at a time this wk, left knee, right hamstring and foot)

Sun-16 planned (ran 14 due to cranky hamstring)

Mon-much needed day off and a treatment for my hamstring and foot

Tues Track 11 miles:2miles in 12:37, 1mile in 6:00, 4×800 256,253,251,250

Wed 6 strength and core

Th 10 trail run core

Fri 6 treatment for hamstring and foot

sat 8 with strides

weekly total 55


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